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We are born with an authentic love of and fascination with nature. Exposure to nature’s miracles deepens and nurtures our innate sense of awe and wonder. We want to hop like a bunny, slither like a snake, blossom like a flower or swim like a fish...

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Students Expectations

irespect online


Attendance will be taken one of two ways (and is still tracked as part of reporting).

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Password: GSimpact2020

Dress Guidelines

Our dress code guidelines apply when online.

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Password: GSimpact2020


Students will be asked to join a virtual class meeting to maintain connection, discussion, and dynamic content delivery.  IRESPECT values will be adhered to and specifically expected that students: (1) dress in school attire for all online classes (2) be on time (3) wear headphones and (4) send an email reporting any technical difficulties.

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Password: GSimpact2020

Link to Online Learning Policy

Password: GSimpact2020


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