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The High School believes that education is not about ‘filling a bucket’, but rather education is lighting a fire. We cannot possibly teach everything that there is to be learned. We teach students to “learn how to learn” by giving them the skills to do so...

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How can we help?

Contacts and systems solutions for common issues

  • A Class or Assignment

    Classroom teacher via email

    Google Classroom

    Alma (for weekly Summaries)

  • Your Child's Learning Pathway

    Contact their academic advisor for specific support questions: 



  • Social/Emotional Concerns

    Class teachers and the high school counselor:


  • Issues Related to Distance Learning

    Learning neighborhood leadership:




    Support for online platforms: 


  • Questions or issues regarding policy and protocol

    The Green School Executive Committee



Students Expectations

irespect online


Attendance will be taken one of two ways (and is still tracked as part of reporting):

1. Students are present for online discussions 

2. Students complete the assigned tasks for class on time

Link to Policy

Password: GSimpact2020

Dress Guidelines

Our dress  policy applies when online too:


Genitals, buttocks, breasts, full torso on all sides and nipples are to be covered by non-see-through clothing.

Shirts that reference sex, drugs, alcohol, show nudity, hate speech, or profanity, in any language are not allowed.

Link to Policy

Password: GSimpact2020


Students will be asked to join a virtual class meeting to maintain connection, discussion, and dynamic content delivery.  IRESPECT values will be adhered to and specifically expected that students: (1) dress in school attire for all online classes (2) be on time (3) wear headphones and (4) send an email reporting any technical difficulties.

Link to Policy

Password: GSimpact2020

Link to Online Learning Policy

Password: GSimpact2020

Community Connections

Keep up to date with what is happening in the community and get involved with a range of activities, projects, videos, and more..

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