01 September 2016 Issue

Green Studies and Projects

Soo Wee, The Life and Death of Porky Pig!

Four years ago, when I was teaching High School at Green School, I had an important English skill that I wanted to help students develop: the art of writing short and with persuasion.  Basically, how to write a business memo that would convince the reader (i.e a boss) to take the opinion of the employee (in this case, my students) into account when making major decisions.  This is a critical skill for our future Green Leaders who will need to show deep knowledge of a subject but do so succinctly and with persuasion.  

At the same time, I was a bit obsessed with the Green School pigs and wanted to learn more about pigs as did my students.  So I designed a course that would allow students to practice this key writing skill, allow us to spend time learning together about pigs, and that would integrated nearly every subject area.  I used an educational planning tool, called the Compass Sustainability Model to develop the course.  The module called Soo Wee, the Life and Death of Porky Pig was born.  

The course followed the four areas of the Compass Sustainability Model and looked at Nature (the environmental impact of pork production), Society (the love, humour, and/or revulsion that swine symbolise in literature, language, and religion), Wellbeing (the wellbeing needs of pigs and of people who eat and care for them) and Economy (the economic impact of pork production on the economies of the world.)  Throughout the course students engaged, in a deeply integrated way, in many subject areas including mathematics, English, environmental studies, projects (through a study of Temple Grandin’s more humane and economically beneficial method of slaughtering animals), humanities and so much more.  

This is a small example of Green Studies and Projects at Green School.  A large, all-school integrated example, would be our Bio Bus project and there is so much more to come.  This past week, our team of 8 Green Studies and Projects educators put the final touches on our program for this year.   As compared to the 4 members of that team last year, Green School is focusing on growing this integrated programme from the strong foundations built in past years.  Enterprise is deeply connected to this area of study and students across the school will experience many different projects that integrate both Green Studies and enterprise in an inspiring way.  Our educators will also rotate through the classes bringing their different expertise to bear on projects with the children.  

Additionally, the very special elements of the Green Studies curriculum from past years will continue and grow: namely gardening, spending time in nature wondering about the strange and wonderful animal, leaves, and webs and so much more.   Our thematic lessons will also integrate green studies and science more this year, and we are nearly finished building our mini-science lab for primary students to use during the second Thematic, which begins in a few weeks.  Further, to support our enhancements in Green Studies and Projects, we have increased the number of hours that Primary students spend in this programme area from 2 hours per week to 3 and will continue to add as we are able.  

As part of our Green Studies and Projects programme, I am also so excited to announce that The Green School “Seed” Bank is Open!

As a Community of Learners, all members of the Green School staff are encouraged and invited to participate in the learning programme at Green School.  One incredibly fun and creative initiative of the finance team is taking flight this week.

Green School’s finance team led by Pak Wayan have opened a Seed Bank for funding for project.  Mandiri Bank has donated a 25 million IDR grant that can be loaned to students.  Students will go to Shanti house, meet with Pak Wayan and team, make a business plan and loan application for projects that they would like to start, and develop a pay back plan.   This week, students from High School’s leap academy will visit the bank for money to build a geodesic dome to house their mushroom farm and grade 4 will make an appointment as well for funding for their chicken project as they would like to build a coup and purchase chickens from Kul Kul Farm.  With the right care and feed, the chickens should be producing eggs soon that then can be sold at the farmer’s market in order to pay back the loan.   In one very funny moment, a grade 4 student offered to sell her fathers 5 surfboards to pay for the coup instead, but then the students decided to approach the bank instead! 🙂

It is all very exciting these days at Green School with students out of the classrooms, making meaningful projects happen, and getting dirty for a purpose.

Ibu Leslie

Head of Academics (Principal)

Upcoming Events


“Living in Bali” – Info Session For New Parents | 8.30 am | Sangkep

College Success EduCon | 2pm – 4.30 pm

Kul Kul Connection Kalimantan Trip Fundraiser | 7pm – 11pm | Paradiso in Ubud


Meaningful Mondays | 8.30 AM | Upstairs Warung










The Penjors are Up, the Ancestors are Arriving on Earth

Have you been seeing beautifully decorated bamboo poles around the area? In the streets? In your neighborhood? These are called “penjors”. A penjor is a tall, curved bamboo pole decorated with coconut leaves and offerings on them. When you see these up on the roadside, it means we are closer and closer to Galungan celebration. Galungan happens once in six month and it is a Balinese-Hindu celebration of dharma over adharma, or good vs. evil. In Balinese belief, Galungan is also the time that symbolizes ancestors coming back to Earth to visit family members. The celebration conswill not be in session. ist of three days, Penampahan, Galungan, and Manis Galungan. Next week on the 6th, 7th, and 8th, as the Balinese celebrate Galungan, school 

Exploring Beauty

Green School will host visitors from tertiary institutions around the globe 2:00 p.m to 4:30 p.m. this Friday in Sangkep for our first high school student showcase of 2016-2017. One of our visitors this Friday afternoon is Tara Sechrest (1994), Director of Enrollment Management at Idyllwild Arts academy, which offers summer programs for children ages five and up.

Idyllwild alumna Elora Hardy, daughter of Green School co-found John Hardy and the creative force behind bamboo architectural firm Ibuku, graduated from Idyllwild in 1999. You may have experienced some of Ibuku’s creations at the Green Village. Elora is became an accomplished designer working with Donna Karan in NYC before returning to Bali to launch Ibuku.

“Childhood in Bali established for me that beauty and creativity are crucial to life,” said Elora. “In Idyllwild, I learned how to grapple with ideas and to strive to excel in any art form.”

“Among other driven and inspired teens immersed in making, and in a place of dramatic natural beauty, I learned to see and express deeply.”

Set in the idyllic setting of the San Jacinto Mountains about two hours drive from Los Angeles, California, Idyllwild provides a haven for young people in visual or performing arts to explore their creative impulses.

Please join us for a showcase of GS students’ learning, art and activism on Friday afternoon; and stop for a chat with Tara from Idyllwild.

What’s On

Kul Kul Connection Fundraiser @ Paradiso, Ubud

Join us this coming Friday, September 2nd from 7pm-11pm at Paradiso in Ubud, and show your support for 9 of our Kul Kul Connection students to attend Global Issue Network Conference in Kalimantan on September 14th – 18th, 2016.

There will be live music with Robi Navicula, and lots of interesting discussions on how youths of Indonesia can contribute to positive change.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you,

Kul Kul Connection Team

Malam Kemerdekaan

In the 8 years since Green School was established, several Indonesian staff decided it was time for the school to hold a more substantial event to commemorate Indonesian Independence Day.  On August 17th the entire Indonesian staff and community came to attend an intricate flag ceremony, which was also attended by our founders, Pak John and Ibu Cynthia Hardy and shown on Bali Public News.

The following week, on Friday August 26th, the school held Malam Kemerdekaan (Independence Night), an evening of celebration for the whole support team organized by the Kemerdekaan committee.  The evening was packed with performances by the Indonesian teachers/staff, KKC students, and interns. It was interesting and refreshing to see teachers step onto the Sangkep stage to perform and dance. The dances were from various places of Indonesia including Bali, Papua, Jakarta, and Sumatra.  The traditional songs reminded us of how diverse and beautiful Indonesia is. We also had the honor of listening to The Voice of Bali, a local Balinese choir group, who gave a stellar performance before they compete in a choir competition in Thailand in September.

A moment was dedicated to appreciate Ibu Mia, a member of the kitchen team, for her loyalty and hard work in the community since the beginning of the school. Nasi tumpeng (traditional cone shaped yellow rice) was cut ceremonially by Ibu Leslie, who also gave a speech in Bahasa Indonesia, and given to Ibu Mia.  Ibu Mia shared her experience from the early days of Green School, which was inspiring and made everybody laugh at the same time.

The night was topped with a hilarious parody of a popular Indonesian movie, “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta” set at Green School. Pak Bambang, Ibu Kania, Nurse Reis were a few key cast members who have been rehearsing since last June.  The play was hilarious and hearty laughs could be heard in the Sangkep from beginning to end.

The International teachers and staff also participated.  They took part in serving dinner and ice tea and cleaning up after the dinner. The community felt stronger throughout the evening especially while we shared a meal together.. The night went beyond expectation.  Reciting what Pak Sujana, a member of our carpenter team commented, “The 8 years I have been here, this is the first time we had this. I had a really good time, I really enjoyed the performances and the drama.”

Salam Merdeka,

Ibu Suci

Another successful week!

This is our second week back with Bio Bus Jalan Jalan and it could not have gone better! We had a couple different groups active today and with a lot going on. We had one group that went around the school and asked people to sign our petition! Bio Bus is asserting pressure politically to BAN THE RESALE OF UCO. If you see us walkin’ around be sure to come say hi and sign the petition.

We also had the Bio Bus take another two groups out to collect UCO – one to Ubud the other to Canggu. The restaurants that participated this week include: Old Man’s, Taksu, Habitual, Lotus Cafe & Arang Sate Bar! Thanks so much for helping us out this week.  We collected 201 liters and this is enough to fuel our buses for the week. You guys are great!

In addition to all of that, we had three students prepare a short presentation about Bio Bus for the student showcase on Friday (September 2nd, 2016) at the Green School University Fair! Be sure to check them out, they’ll be going up at around 2:45pm.  Bio Soap and our new Tee Shirts will be available for sale.

Again, we would like to thank all the participating restaurants this week – if you or anyone you know are interested in donating your used cooking oil please don’t hesitate to email us at bio.bus@greenschool.org

GS Green Generation: Our Continued Mission to Represent Green School at COY12 and COP22 in Marrakech!

Green School the Next Hot Movie Star

Since 1992, “Les Films d’Ici” has been producing a collection of films titled “Architectures” devoted to some of the world’s most remarkable architectural achievements. And their 65th film will be dedicated our very own Heart of School!

The film shoot will be held within the Heart of School from 14-16 September.  Whilst it is focused on the building itself, the film will capture the movements and activities of our community utilizing the building throughout the day.  No need to rehearse, there are no ‘face shots’ or interviews and of course, our marketing and operations team are onsite to ensure all safety and security is maintained so we have a normal Green School day during the shoot.

Thank you in advance for your your warm welcome to Richard Copans, director of the film and Clémentine Noël, production manager of the film during their time on our campus.

Bali Gymnastics at Green School!

Bali Gymnastics is coming to Green School! Starting with two classes every week starting September 14.  These workout and skills trainings are aimed at lifting the spirits as well as strengthening the body. It enhances grace posture and flexibility, tones and sculpts the body and one can become very strong and fit!

Day of Training: Wednesdays

Time: 3.30 – 4.30 for ages 5 – 7 and 4.40 – 5.45 for ages 8 and up.

Fee: Rp. 130,000 per session drop in. You must purchase the ticket from front desk

Pre pay for the session is also possible at IDR 100,000 per class for the whole term and can only be used for that class and in that term.

Please wear tight clothing for safety.

For inquiries and sign up please contact Ibu Patricia directly at baligymnastics@gmail.com


Open Soccer Clinic

Our open soccer clinic is running on Saturday 3 September – this weekend!

If you are looking to improve your skills for soccer, lace up your cleats and join in the fun! Please click the following link to see our poster for more details: OpenFootballSoccerClinic3Sep2016-Poster


This Week Updates

“Bamboo Speed Dating”, the brain-child of John Hardy, got the GSPA Welcome Meeting off to a very lively start! It was a great way to meet and greet both new and old Green School friends. Many thanks to John for this fabulous suggestion! Parents were then introduced to the very full schedule of events for the year, and the ample opportunities to contribute ideas, passions and time to our vibrant parent community.

But the star of the day was Alexandra Cousteau, who talked with us about her work and passions, and shared some very entertaining stories, not only about her grandfather Jacques Cousteau, but also about her spirited and courageous grandmother, who was very much part of the Cousteau adventure.

The Bio Bus Parents Tour set off into the wilds of Denpasar to check out the rich and exotic world of Balinese textiles.

Meaningful Mondays | This Monday Audrey Shabbas will share the meaning of the Eid Al Adha holiday that will fall on September 12th (national holiday, no school). It’s the day of celebration that marks the end of the Muslim Pilgrimage to Makkah. This weekend (watch the news) tens of thousands of Indonesians will be making their way to the Muslim holy city of Makkah (formerly Mecca) to carry out the 5 days of pilgrimage. Audrey Shabbas has been to Makkah twice and will speak about the meaning of events unfolding for Muslims who have made that journey. We’re in the largest Muslim country world…come and learn something about Islam!

Community Yoga is proving as popular as ever with full classes on both Tuesday and Thursday, and happy Green School yoginis everywhere! NB: Thursday’s classes will now be in the Yoga Studio.

Hope to see you on Friday 2nd Sept for….

‘Living in Bali’ Info Session for New Parents. Don’t miss this popular session where a panel of long-term parents share their experience and answer your questions. We will also be joined by Dr Nicki Lorenzini (Primary School Counselor) who will lead a discussion entitled: Resilient Moves – helping you understand the process of transitioning to a new school and country, and providing strategies that will help you and your family make a speedy and smooth transition to GS and to Bali.

All upcoming events can also be viewed on:

Green School Website www.greenschool.org o Go to Parents Page (Access code: AcademicYear2016_17) o Click on GS Community Events Calendar, GS Parents Association FB Group

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