#100mapathon by Green School and HUBUD

#100mapathons is hosted at and by HUBUD and Green School on Wednesday Nov 18th. If you have ever thought it might be fun to get together with co-workers, friends, students and/or strangers to share your enthusiasm for the power of maps and make a difference while doing it? This is the perfect time to do it.

A mapathon is a group of community members to coming together to help put the homes of millions of vulnerable people on the map. Represent your school, community, or work during OSM Geo Week at HUBUD November 18th from 9-12pm as we remotely map areas for projects by various NGO’s working in the most vulnerable places around the world.

Our event is capped at 30 people so first come first serve.  We will provide all the training to help you join our mapathon. There is no charge to enter HUBUD and participate in the mapathon. Thank you to our hosts HUBUD for donating the space and wifi connection for this worthy cause.

Join by booking at eventbrite.com following this link https://www.eventbrite.com/e/green-school-100mapathons

Yours in service – Jade McGraw

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