15 September 2016 Issue

A Day in the Life of the Head of Academics

Adaptability.  Harvard Business Review calls it the new competitive advantage.  In an era of constant change those that thrive, act on and read the signals of change.  Adaptability is a core element of the Green School curriculum; a characteristic and skill we hope to instill in our students.  But…Is it possible to “teach” it?   Experiential learning opportunities and cultural integration into our programmes are the key.  Better yet, simply practice it every day! At all levels of the Green School experience, every day is fantastically different from the next.  Challenges and joy abound and keep you on your toes.  There is no “typical” day at Green School, and I never check my watch as the days fly by.  

And for faculty, parents and students alike, each day provides countless opportunities for us to develop and refine our adaptability skills.  For example, here is a recent Friday in my life:

Before 10:30am:

  1. 7.20am: personal fitness session (part of my professional and personal development plan with the school) with Pak Bambang who expertly tortures, oh I mean trains, me.

  2. 7.45am: faculty morning meeting, which occurs every Monday and Friday morning before school.  the Friday meeting focuses on gratitude and is a lovely moment where the teachers thank each other and crack jokes.

  3. 7.58am: first coffee of the school day, a double!  FREAK coffee and my cashless card are well acquainted.

  4. 8:00am: security meeting with guards about an “interesting” issue; all is resolved by 2pm.

  5. 8.20am: Penjor Festival for Primary school.  Beautiful moment and all Primary school photos taken.  

  6. 9.20am: grade 4 students came by my office with their new chickens, which they purchased from Kul Kul Farm for the Green Studies project.  I held one and talked about how getting poop on your foot from a chicken is a good thing.  

  7. 9.40am: phone call with a parent

  8. Answer 35 emails; get interrupted by Gamelon

  9. Use the compost toilet; bring a lost item I found in there to lost and found

After 10.30am:

  1. Check on Primary School students who are on break on the field, gym and at the warung to ensure that the teachers who are on safety duties there are present.  

  2. Coffee number 2, or is it 3? 🙂

  3. Listen to a proposal from grades 4 students who were advocating for a higher age limit for the new swings on the mini field next to the Sangkep.  We decided to let the Primary teachers vote on it at a future meeting.  

  4. Observe a literacy lesson in Middle School where the teacher in the class taught me about a curriculum that she used to teach and is a possible great supplement for Green School’s curriculum.  So we are researching it together.  

  5. Introduce Green School to representatives here for the University Fair in High School.

  6. Wait for a Bio Bus meeting with an interested supporter that had to be postponed due to the fact that they couldn’t find us –they spent 3 hours on the road :).

  7. Discuss a staff contract with Pak Wayan.

  8. Answer 5 emails but had to do it from my phone because I was rushing between meetings.

  9. Jump into a photograph being taken on the field for High School.  They were making a public service announcement video about climate change to submit to a contest.  

  10. Wipe the sweat off my brow after time running around in the sun!  Gulp some water.

Lunch Time

  1. Grab a bite of lunch on a banana leaf, check to see that the lunch table system for primary is working well (size, location, etc.).  Grade 4 is a bit too smooshed in their area, so make a note to move some tables around for next week.  

  2. Sit with grade 1 for 15 minutes or so to finish lunch and talk about future field trips that they would like to take.

  3. During lunch play time, meet a grade 3 who wanted assistance in filling out an online form to secure a Farmer’s Market booth for her and her friends’ bracelet making company.  A lengthy discussion on the best name for the business was a highlight of the meeting.

  4. Check out a loose tooth situation in grade 5

  5. Check out a loose building trestle situation at the yoga studio

  6. Discuss in detail with Ibu Novie about a set of purchase requests form and orders for materials and curriculum.  Finalised the purchase.

  7. Meet the Learning Support team to ensure we have support scheduled into the correct classes and the correct times for student learning needs.

  8. Discuss paternity leave with one of our 3 lucky GS teacher dads who are welcoming little ones soon.


  1. Phew, time to rest, sing and enjoy at Assembly!

  2. And mentally prepare for a 3.30pm tour for a prospective family! Followed by,

  3. A 4.30pm meeting with two faculty members to edit the Staff Evaluation Tool together to ensure faculty input

  4. 5.00pm, call a Board member to update her a few problems that were solved this week, reply to outstanding texts and emails as I watch the beautiful sunset over the rice fields of Sibang Kaja on my way home.  The sun rises and sets on my way to and from school, bookending the days with beauty as well.   

What I love about Green School and my life here is the diversity of the challenges, the humor in most of them, the satisfaction of solving the problems and the time I get to spend with children across the age groups.  Can there be anywhere else where this happens on any given Friday?  

All of primary school participating in a yoga nidra (a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping), a form of mindfulness we practice at Green School across the grades.

Upcoming Events


Full Moon Ceremony | 8:30am | All kids bring ceremony clothes to school

Wild Fitness | 8.30 am | Parking Lot Soccer field

Parent Meditation | 8.30 am – 10 am | Yoga Bale

Touch Footy | 8.30 am – 9.30 am | Soccer Field

Parent Workshop | Sufi Master | 1.30 pm | Yoga Bale

Basketball | 3.30 pm – 4.30 pm | Gym

Film Screening: “FUEL” | 4.30 pm onwards | Sangkep

Green School Farmers Market | 2 pm – 5pm


War of Gods Ceremony | 3.30 PM | Please RSVP to Ibu Kadek


Jungle Run | 8.30am | Meet at Freak Cafe

Meaningful Mondays Transition and Change | 9am | Upstairs Warung


Yoga: Intermediate Vinyasa with Pak Budi | 8.15am | Yoga Bale

The Bio Bus Parents Tour: Emporium Shopping | 8.45am | Meet at Freak Café


Parent Workshop – ‘Living in Bali’: Home, Transportation & Staff (presented by Elvira)


Financial Aid & University Accessibility | 9:00 -10:00 a.m. | Green Warung, Top Floor

Yoga: Beg/Int Hatha | 8.15am | Yoga Bale


Touch Footy | 8.30am |  Soccer Field

Meditation 101: Yoga Shala | 8.30 am

Ras Muhamad @ GS | 3pm | Sangkep | Don’t miss this great opportunity to hear one of

the greatest Indonesian Reggae star!


‘FUEL’ Film Screening

This Friday is a super special Farmers Market. Please bring your enthusiasm and used cooking oil for the screening of the award-winning documentary: “Fuel” by Josh Tickell, an environmental activist and filmmaker exploring the alternative energy sources, particularly biofuels, as a way to wean people away from their dependence on foreign oil.

As well as “Fuel”, we will also be screening the release of the Bio Bus TEDxUbud called “Biofuel Pioneers” by Maxwell Hidajat and Kyla Langotsky. An inspiring talk about a social enterprise trying to make the world a better, greener place.

This is the first of our 3 part series of events to prepare the Green School community for the first ever 100% Biodiesel Public Pump Station in Indonesia at Green School. So please bring your used cooking oil!

Our second event on October 26 is a workshop with Pak Rodney, a diesel mechanic, and Pak Endra from Lengis Hijau (Bali’s biodiesel plant), as part of the parent association meeting.

The last event, on November 4, is the cutting of the ribbon ceremony for the opening of first 100% biodiesel pump station in Bali at Green School!

Please come support us and help us make a difference in the world! Let’s get you ready!

KKC Students’ South Sulawesi Sustainability Journey

August 14-21 2016 was an incredibly memorable experience  for two Kul-Kul Connection students, Nawi (Sri Jahnawi) and Prema Ananda. They went to South Sulawesi to join ‘The South Sulawesi Sustainability Journey Summer Camp’ hosted by Green Camp Bali. This event provides participants an opportunity to enjoy themselves in one of the world’s most amazing coastal landscapes whilst learning about colorful local Indonesian culture, authentic sustainability, personal leadership & resilience, and the wonders of terrestrial & marine biodiversity. The outcome is a deeper appreciation of the natural world and a renewed spirit for exploration and adventure.

Here is our student’s own words about the program:

When I was in Sulawesi it was fun, because I spend my time with my new friends. We went to Passohara Cave in Ara, and to Liu Kang for snorkeling. This is my first time to snorkeling and looked down the sea, seeing the fishes and the corals blew me away. We went trekking from Ara to Apparalang and did a trash walk in Apparalang. When we took a rest in the middle of the forest near the sea, we saw more than 7 turtles — it was so amazing. We also went to Phinisi Boat Building to learn about the history of the Phinisi Boat and made some decoration on the wooden canoes/ raft building. We also went to a local school where we met local students and made a big lampion from plastics waste.  We also learned traditional dances. On our last day, we went to Bissapu waterfall for relaxation. My favorite parts of the trip were going to the local school and making big lampion from plastics waste, snorkeling and raft building!

Grade 6 Global Awareness Water Thematic

How old will you be in 2030? How much do you want to pay for good access to clean water? Who should be in charge of sharing out the world’s water? All this and more in Pak Francis’ Global Awareness Water Thematic where the Grade 6 class will have a wild, wet journey to explore what water means to us as humans and what we can do to make the UN SDG6 dream come true.

What’s On

Eco-art Program @ Student Village!

Children have a fearless ability to create art– out of anything! So why not use recycled, sustainable, and natural materials? At Green School’s Student Village, students age 10+ will be exposed to diversity in the art within a process-based learning environment, creating art with both traditional and non-traditional materials. Classes, led by teaching artists, will stimulate and nurture the creative expression of our next generation of artists.

Located just across the river on Green School campus, Student Village is a living example of sustainability. Here, students will have an eco-friendly artistic experience, drawing inspiration from nature and the outdoors. Students will develop respect for earth’s resources and engage in a different approach to art making!

Some examples of classes will include:

– An introduction to the use of natural pigments and dyes

– Making our materials such as paper, paintbrushes, crayons, and glue

– Eco-Printing/ Compost-Printing on paper and fabric

– Mosaics/ assemblage/ collage out of recycled materials

Classes will be held each Wednesday at 9am-noon starting September 21st through November 30th (excluding October 19th). Class price is 300k (250k/class for all ten) and will include a healthy, organic snack. All art materials will be provided. Please email carol.riva@greenschool.org if you are interested in joining!

Career / University Education Sessions: Lewis & Clark, Bulgari Resorts – Monday, September 19

Students and parents are invited to attend either of the two following sessions, in lieu of DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) on Monday, Sept. 19.

Study at Lewis & Clark

Green Warung, Top Floor

2:15 – 3:15 p.m.

Bridget Flaherty, Associate Director, International Students & Scholars

Lewis & Clark

Portland, Oregon, USA

Careers in Hospitality

Peace Garden

2:15 – 3:15 p.m.

Cynthia Gabriela, Learning Executive

Bulgari Resort Bali

Uluwatu, Bali – Indonesia

Please email Career & University Coordinator Ibu Melinda at melinda.chickering@greenschool.org with questions or to express your interest in attending.

SPECIAL INVITATION: War of Gods Ceremony

Our entire Green School community has been provided a very special invitation to join a truly amazing Balinese ceremony.  This opportunity has been provided by our own Kadek (of GS food fame!)  You will be hosted as a guest at this local event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZK4AFcpi6I

It’s this Saturday, 17 September so please RSVP to Ibu Kadek by Friday night so she can plan for your delicious dinner.  Its an exciting, beautiful and rewarding experience for the whole family!

Itinerary :

  1. 3:30pm : Meet Ibu Kadek at Pura Panti, Banjar Timbrah, Desa Paksa, Klungkung

  2. 4:00pm : Walk to River for early dinner

                         -After dinner walk to Main temple for God of War Ceremony

  1. 7:00 pm: Tentative end of Ceremony

Cost : Payment in advance. 250k for adults 100k for kids; includes food, offering and temple donation

Transport : must arrange own transport, details upon registration.

Attire : All attendees must wear Balinese traditional outfit. Please contact Ibu Kadek if you need one.  (Please send reply male or female, age and size)

Registration : RSVP 16th of September

Contact : 0852 3723 2095 (Ibu Kadek)

Blessing at Tirta Empul and Green Educator Course

Blessing for our our teachers at Tirta Empul

After being at Green School for a few weeks it was time to take our new (& returning) teachers and interns to the Water temple ‘Tirta Empul’ for a blessing. Tirta Empul means Holy Spring in Balinese. The temple compound consists of a petirtaan or bathing structure, famous for its holy spring water and it’s a place where Balinese Hindus go to for ritual purification. It was a beautiful morning with beautiful sunshine, smiling faces and delicious food prepared by Ibu Kadek and her team.

The next activity planned is taking our super hero teachers to Bali’s Superhero Factory on the 24th of September

Green Educator Course August/September 2016:

Embracing Our Wall-less-ness Environment with New Friends from the Globe

Meet these lovely individuals who are now a part of the Green School Family! Just about two weeks ago, we welcomed education professionals coming from 10 different countries like United States, China, India, and many more. The Green Educator Course program that ran five days went by too fast for the group, with so many adventures from the participants learning about Enterprise with Ibu Marta, walking through the Subak with Pak Noan and Ibu Emma, to observing Early Years, Primary, and Middle School classes. Click below to find out more about the Green Educator Course August – September 2016.

MEETING THE GREEN SCHOOL COMMUNITY The group had the opportunity to meet teachers, students, parents, and the rest of our community through various exciting activities. One way was them joining some of the Jalan Jalan activities on and off campus. Some people were cooking with Ibu Ida, some with Pak Driver observing flow, some learned about the waste management and Kembali, and a few went off campus to Sukawati to visit a Wayang Kulit maker for a workshop.

GETTING IMMERSED IN CULTURE Not only did the participants get a chance to learn about Tri Hita Karana and Balinese culture, they also got to see and feel this through going on a Subak Walk in Bongkasa. They started the morning with breakfast at a villager’s home with the beautiful Balinese compound, and then headed for a walk with the Nurada family, local Balinese. Between a nice walk and a swim through the subak tunnel, they really got a feel of Bali. More from getting immersed in Balinese culture, the Kul Kul Connection students, along with the Green School Gamelan gave an outstanding cultural dance and music performance as a way to introduce their programmes to the participants.

The Educator Course Participants in a mindfulness session with Ibu Nicola to start their day

GREEN SCHOOL TRADITION The participants surely will never forget the experience of diving into the mud with Putu Witsen and his Kecas Kecos Team. They danced, played music, and got a chance to mud fight all together while hearing the musicians hit the Kul Kuls in beautiful rhythm. As the last activity of the course, it sure to have left the participants in a warm feeling of being connected to nature.

We are looking forward to our next Green Educator Course from 6-12 March. For more information subscribe to our mailing list or keep an eye on our Green Educator Events page

Ibu Kania

Special Programmes Associate

& Ibu Sanne

Teacher Development and Well-Being Manager

Food and Beverage Policy Update

PE & Sport

PE & Sport – Coming up this week (13 Sep 2016)

Come rain or shine, we still have a fun-filled week of PE and Sport at Green School! Please read on about what’s happening this week including the Soccer Schedule, BSSA scores and  House Sports. (click link above)


Last Week

Class Ambassador’s Workshop

The Yoga Studio was a buzz on Thursday as 42 new Class Ambassadors (a GS record!) gathered to launch the GS Class Ambassador’s Program for 2016/17

From Gekkos to Grade 12, a wonderful mix of returning and new parents worked together in Learning Neighbourhood teams, to brainstorm ways to best support our wonderful teachers & support staff, and involve our parents

Highlights of the morning were discussions on how best to communicate with, and increase the involvement of our Local Scholarship families in Class & School activities. Special thanks to Ibu Darwi, LSP Class Ambassador, for guiding us on this process

And big thanks to Ibu Nicki, Primary Counselor, for her support in our mission to continually improve the experience of new parents transitioning to GS & Bali

After all that work…we retired to the Peace Garden for a sumptuous lunch courtesy of Ibu Kadek!

Next Week

The line-up of Parent Activities continues to grow!!…. Check out ‘Upcoming Events’ section above in this newsletter, or all upcoming events can also be viewed on:

Green School Website www.greenschool.org

Go to Parents Page (Access code: AcademicYear2016_17)

Click on GS Community Events Calendar

GS Parents Association FB Group

HELP!  We are Going Bananas in Art!

Hey Green School friends and family – we’re calling out to collect blenders and irons!  Pak Ira and I (Pak Jason) have been experimenting with the kids to create beautiful tree-free paper with one or our favorite herbs… the banana stalk.  Did you know, an herb is a plant whose stem does not contain any woody tissue.  Banana “trees” are therefore not trees. They are herbaceous plants and should perhaps be called banana herbs.  We have also created some nice blends with recycled office and art paper and even some package ideas with Pak Baptiste.

Now, we want to kick up our production so more kids can get their hands dirty using this awesome local resource.  How can you help?  We need blenders and irons.  You know that one you used to use but not really…that often.  We want it.  Ugly and stained, we want it. Bad cable connection, we will fix it, we want it.  Funky iron that keeps burning the silk blouse, we want it.  And if you just think the idea of local handmade paper made from the beautiful banana herbs at Green School is great and you want to get us the toughest, banana fiber chopping beast you can find! Bananatastic!

Alumni Highlights: Achyuth Jaigopal, ROCKSTAR! (Class of 2014)

Achyuth joined Green School HS upon winning the Greenest Student on Earth competition in 2012. Originally from Kerala in southwest India, he brought his guitar and his parents to Bali. The next two years were a whirlwind of performances and classes, connecting with ideas and cultures from around the world.

Achyuth’s Green Stone was entitled “Sensitivity, the change-maker of the 21st century”.

“Immediately after graduating from Green School, I returned to India, where I enrolled in a semester-long music course at the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, Chennai. I received offers from the Berklee College of Music Boston and the Southern California Institute of Architecture, so was contemplating joining one of those colleges after completing this semester course.”

“However, life took a different turn when Raghu Dixit from The Raghu Dixit Project, one of India’s pioneering music acts, invited me to join the band as the lead guitarist. Since May 2015, I have performed over 120 shows and toured different parts of the world with this band.”

“I have been working professionally as a musician for the last year and a half, mainly as the lead guitarist of The Raghu Dixit Project. We have performed in different parts of the world including the UK, USA, Canada, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and India at some of the biggest music festivals like the Glastonbury Festival, Larmer Tree Festival, Mountain Echoes, NH7 Weekender, Galle Music Festival, and more.”

“With my own project ‘When Chai Met Toast‘, we produced and released our first official music video titled ‘Firefly‘ which was received amazingly well,” says Achyuth. (You may recognize him as the young man with floppy hair and big smile on the banjo.) “This band has also been making waves in the indie music scene and has a busy season calendar coming up in India this year.”

Achyuth was initially exposed to sustainability through his parents’ architecture practice Inspiration, which builds sensitively created living environments.

“Their concepts have also influenced my thinking and being involved in their practice has been a learning experience.”

“Musically, Green school helped me tremendously. The guitar faculty for my 11th grade, Kevin Briggs, helped me take my music to the next level, and he has been a source of constant support and inspiration. Being in Bali, we were able to take our musical experiments in class onto a professional stage at a number of venues.”

“Through the ‘Your Big Idea’ enterprise class, I was able to explore my entrepreneurial side. It was great to plan my own business idea, market an event, tie up with an organisation, and understand the profits and losses. The events we hosted were also a great learning experience in organisation.”

“Being surrounded by bamboo everywhere, the football games on the soccer field, friends from different parts of the world, walking to school and living an almost carbon neutral life, Advanced Maths and AP Chemistry, the trips to Java and Sulawesi, the incredible people I’ve had opportunity to meet and interact with,” Achyuth recalls when asked about his favorite Green School memories.


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