1B: Term 2, Week 1

Dear Families,

What a lovely week it has been after the break.  We hope you all had a great holiday and have come back to school excited and ready for some more wonderful learning!  

This week we have begun learning all about 2D shapes in our maths lessons and the children have done amazingly well.  We have learned and practised the names of 2D shapes, have been on a shape hunt around school and have even begun trying to describe the properties of these shapes such as their sides and corners.  We will be continuing this learning next week, so if you want to find some of the shapes around the house over the weekend that would be fantastic!  On top of all of this, we have even learned the names of some of these shapes in Bahasa!  It has been tricky remembering all of the new names, but we have done really well.

In literacy this week we have carried on working in our groups practising our letters and sounds, blending them together to practise our reading and using what we have learned to try spelling new words.  Thank you to everyone who has been reading regularly at home!  It really does help and makes a huge difference to how quickly the children develop their reading.

Bahasa and Indonesian Studies

As we mentioned above this week in Bahasa we have been learning the names of shapes.  As well as this we have been remembering our learning about colours from before the holidays.  Do you know what a kotak merah is?  What about a seggi tiga biru?  Or even a lingkaran kecil kuning?


We are continuing our Dongeng dari Indonesia thematic all about stories from around Indonesia.  THis week, linking with one of the stories we have been reading, we have begun practising a dance from the island of Papua.  It has been tricky learning all of the movements, but we have tried really hard and had lots of fun!

Important Notices

  1. Bamboopalooza is coming up next Friday, the 27th of October.  We hope you are all looking forward to it.

  1. Dressing up day.  The whole school dressing up day will be on Monday 30th October.  This is our chance to celebrate Halloween and it would be great to see as many children (and parents!) as possible in costume.

Regular Announcements

– Every Tuesday and Thursday our students will have PE and Sport classes. A new policy has been put in place where students MUST wear running shoes AND a hat or they will be asked to sit out from those classes. In my opinion, no students should be sitting out from PE or Sport classes as this is when they have the chance to run and play organised sports which is such a special thing and so beneficial to their growth and learning. Please, please make sure that EVERY Tuesday and THURSDAY you pack shorts, running shoes and a hat for your child to be able to participate in those classes. If they do not have the appropriate apparel they will be asked to sit out and their PE and Sport teachers will be contacting you to help remind your child to bring shoes.

**Suggestion, if I may: you may leave a separate little bag in your child’s cubby hole in our classroom with a pair of socks, their running shoes, shorts and a t-shirt and a hat and we can always help them get changed. Thank you for your understanding!

– Please, please send your child to school with a water bottle everyday! Though we do have spare cups in the classroom they can use, we can’t guarantee how much they will drink throughout the day. If they have water bottles we can keep an eye on their water intake.

– Appropriate footwear to be worn to school on a daily basis should be sandals or shoes that the child can put on themselves. Please help us to move about our daily schedule at a quicker pace by providing appropriate shoes for your child to put on themselves.

Thank you very much and as always have a lovely weekend.

Pak Thabo

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