2019 – Carbon Zero Updates

Tadaaa! Welcome back again ! I hope you enjoy the second week of school. The carbon zero team has just updated the application, especially the calculation in the second semester in 2019. Please recalculate your carbon footprint if you have already calculated, if not then start to calculate your carbon, AYO!

In addition there are additional award features, so you can see who has who has often mitigated their carbon footprint.

Anyone surprised by the WARNING STICKER that are sticked on your vehicle? That means your vehicle doesn’t have a green school sticker, ask the security by giving your name and email address.

Security Admin: Gungde (security.admin@greenschool.org) / WA (081389497990)

Carbon Zero Admin: Aga (agastya.yatra@greenschool.org) / WA (087861758209)

Login: carbonzero.greenschool.org/login

Username: Staff (your GS email)

                     Parent (email used during enrollment)

Password: carbonzero2018 (semester 1 user)

                    carbonzero2019 (semester 2 user) *you can edit later

On The Road To Be Zero Carbon Campus In 2020


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