29 September 2016 Issue

Photo of The Week | Our Green School Chief Security, joined by police officers sitting by the crystal, doing meditation on a fine afternoon.

Upcoming Events


Wild Fitness | 7:15 & 8.15am | Parking Lot Soccer field

GSPA Sept Meeting & Expo | 8.45am | Sangkep

Touch Footy | 8.30am | Soccer Field

Bryant University visit | 2.15pm – 3.15pm | Mandela, 2nd Floor HOS

Farmers Market | 2pm – 5pm

The Communal Eco Village | 3.15pm | Small field near Sangkep

Basketball | 3.30pm – 4.30pm


Jungle Run | 8.30am | Meet @ Freak Coffee

Meaningful Monday Mornings: Outside the Red Tent: Women’s Health | 9am | Upstairs Warung

Bamboopalooza Parents’ Meeting | 10.30am – 11.30am | Upstairs Warung

Meaningful Monday Afternoons: Story time with Ibu Audrey | 3.15pm | Upstairs Warung


Yoga Vinyasa | 8.15am | Yoga Bale


Wild Fitness | 7:15 & 8.15am | Parking Lot Soccer field

Parents Workshop: Reflex Healing with Linda Stevens | 8.30am | Upstairs Warung


Yoga Hatha | 8.15am | Yoga Bale



Touch Footy | 8.30am | Soccer Field

Words From The Board

Your Board of Management at Work

With close to a combined total of 40 year’s worth of commitment to Green School, your Board of Management members came together again on 19 September to represent the community and support the school to be its best.

Read on to find out what was discussed and decided on at their last meeting…

Child Protection School

  1. The Board received a briefing on its obligations as a school in respect of Child Protection. The procedures and comprehensive training delivered to teachers, security staff and other key personnel was noted.

Curriculum Development and Documentation

  1. The Board acknowledged the good progress being made on curriculum review, continuous improvement and the further development of curriculum documentation. The Curriculum Taskforce structure established to ensure our curriculum remains progressive and is continuously reviewed and improved was noted.

Rental Agreement for Green School land and buildings

  1. Green School leases the major buildings and land for the school from PT Bambu Bambu. The rent was due to be revised in June 2016 and agreement was reached and approved by the Board, representing a freeze on any increase, through to 1 January 2017.

Capital expenditure budget

  1. Each year, the school sets aside money for the upgrading of certain facilities and equipment eg: new science lab fit-out, playground equipment, IT infrastructure. The budget for 2016/17 was approved.

National Exam Preparation for Local Scholars

  1. The Board agreed to review the level of support provided to Middle School and High School Local Scholar students to sit the required Indonesian National Examinations.

Green School Foundation and Fundraising

  1. A strategy approach for fundraising for the Kul Kul Connection/Local Scholar Program, sustainability projects and enterprise programs/projects was agreed by the Board.

Governance Structure and Policy

  1. Approval was given to formalize the new Governance Structure and Policy. This formalizes the structure that was settled and communicated to the community late 2015/16.

Community Gratitude

  1. As a standing agenda item, the Board again considered people within the School community who embody the ethos and values of the school and make an exceptional contribution. The Board identified and will formally and personally express thanks to four community members, from across the teacher, staff, parent and student community.

Sharing Financial Information with the Community

  1. The Board is committed to sharing financial information on the school, with the community. It was agreed that a recommended approach be identified and a decision be made at the October meeting.

Coming up on next month’s agenda:

  1. International accreditation for our High School

  2. Strategic Plan quarterly report

  3. Tuition Policy for 2016/17

  4. Performance agreements for senior managers


Kul Kul Connection Visits Neighbouring Communities

“When a person responds to the joys and sorrows of others as if they were his own, he has attained the highest state of spiritual union”, as written in one of the verses of the Bhagavad Gita, implying the importance of human relationships.

Kul Kul Connection (KKC), as an embodiment of Green School’s’ vision in forming a sustainable relationship between the global and local community, is committed to continue developing and maintaining this expected relationship. In that regard, KKC team organizes a visit to the neighbouring communities once in every month. Last week, the KKC team together with an eager group of friends and parents went to Sri Sri Radha Rasesvara Ashram. The ashram is a part of global network of Krishna devotion temples in which devotees as well as visitors can freely travel to and stay while they study and meditate.

After doing a trashwalk along the way to the Ashram, the group arrived and met with the Ashram’s caretaker who explained about the day to day activities as well as some of basic tenets of the Khrisna devotees’ faith.

Here are some words from one of the walkabout participant:

“It’s already an amazing opportunity to be a part of the Green School for so many reasons – the eco-mission, dynamic community, great teachers, beautiful surroundings.  Kul Kul Connection represents an important “pillar” of this experience for us –  connecting the dots with the local community and creating lasting and real cultural exchanges and partnerships.  It’s so important that we step outside of our jungle walls and make this one of the key ingredients of our children’s (and our) experience here.”  – Joe Estus

Our Teacher Super Heroes!

Last week we had our next ‘Well-Being’ activity for our Faculty. We went with a group of teachers to the SuperHero Factory. For some of them it was a great preparation for the ‘Tough Mudder’ run (this Saturday Oct 1st) and it was a day full of fun, sportivity and Challenges to overcome. Here are some pictures of our SuperHeroes:

What’s On

Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday, 7 October is designated for conferences with parents and teachers. This is an opportunity to discuss each student’s learning journey individually.  Conferences work a bit different by learning neighborhoods.

  1. The high school and middle school both ask that students be present at the conferences and take the lead in discussing their learning journey, challenges and successes at school.

  2. In the High School parents can schedule conferences with two different teachers of their choosing between the hours of 8:30 and 12:00 by emailing Pak Glenn at: glenn@greenschool.org

  3. There will be an open-house from 1:00-3:00 for HS parents to speak with other teachers.

  4. In the middle school, all scheduling will be through your child’s mentor teacher. They will be scheduling meeting between 8:30 and 12:00 with an open house from 1:00-3:00.

  5. For students grade 3, 4, 5 conferences are for parent and teachers only. Parents are asked to sign up for a 15-minute slot via Sentral. These. Please keep your eye on your email for detailed information about scheduling.

  6. Grades 1 and 2 have been running parent meetings for the past few weeks. If you would like more time for further discussions, contact Leslie Medema or the teacher directly.

  7. Early Years teachers have sent the sign up for parents directly.  If you haven’t received this, contact your teacher directly.

HS students and parents are invited to an information session with Claire A. Dunning, Senior Assistant Director of International Admission at Bryant University in Rhode Island, USA. Bryant University offers an innovative curriculum that integrates business and liberal arts.

Mandela, 2nd Floor, HOS

2:15 -3:15 p.m.

Claire A. Dunning

Senior Assistant Director of International Admission

Bryant University


For questions or to express your interest, please email Melinda Chickering, Career & University Coordinator, at melinda.chickering@greenschool.org

Beep Beep!

It’s the Bio Bus again

We have some amazing news to share with you guys. At the Farmers Market this week, we are going to sell our very first… Bio Soap Bar Soap! This soap is made from 100% byproduct of the biodiesel process.  It is glycerine and a very moisturizing type of soap.  It is recommended as a hand soap. What a great product to continue to fulfill our zero waste vision! Your support is greatly appreciated… But that’s not all,

We have just installed the very first 100% biodiesel pmp station in Indonesia at Green School. And guess what? It’s powered by solar energy!

This is a milestone for Bio Bus and stride forward for Indonesia. Come to our workshop on October 26 to learn more about how to run your diesel vehicle on biodiesel. All the on island pros will be there to answer your questions. There’s also a Parent EXPO on September 30. Come and see how you can get involved with the Bio Bus social enterprise. Can it become any more exciting?

We will be announcing these things at the assembly just in case you forget. This is definitely one of the most exciting events, I’ve heard about all week! We also have a petition you can sign just outside of the Bio Bus office. This week, The Grease Police Team have collected an estimated 250 liters of used cooking oil. Help us make that number grow by bringing your used cooking oil to our office/our stand/one of our team members. Have a greasy great day!

Kembali Educational Project

KemBali is working with GS to have an electric bike and trailer fitted out for KemBali as a part of Jalan Jalan and community waste education project. We are proposing for Kembali to start a recycling and compost pick up starting from the immediate area of the school. Start small and work into larger areas over time, with education.

The waste that remains will be buried in a 80x80x80cm hole that will replace the burn piles. This project has been suggested by an expert from PUM Netherlands, Bertus van Heugten, who came to Green School 2 weeks ago.

By the beginning of October, we will be working with the head of village to start educating local Sibangkaja community through the Banjars and local schools within the area. We will also be partnering with the Kul Kul Connection, Bye Bye Plastic Bag, and Green School Students to promote a cleaner Sibangkaja.

We believe that the KKC kids and Green School students are keys in helping us to continue the KemBali movement and taking their waste education to the next level. The kids that were in Kul Kul Connection last year learned how to separate waste in their home, so now it’s time to share their knowledge to others. In the long term, we hope to hire scavengers to pick up and campaign to the villagers the benefits of sorting waste, and to advocate (and emphasize) the importance reduce, reuse, and recycle. How perfect!

Lastly, we are happy to announce that we’ve launched our new information channel on Instagram (@kembalilegacy), as a part of our effort to support KemBali as a social enterprise. Not only you will get to see our activities within the program, it will also be used as an online platform to sell secondhand items – or a virtual thriftshop just one fingertip away!

KemBali initiative aspires to inspire greater communities all over Indonesia, especially within our home Bali, in creating a sustainable world. Head over to our instagram for the latest updates! And join us on our Facebook group (Kembali at Green School)!

We thank you for all of your support throughout the years and donations that you dropped off in Kembali. Keep the world sustainable!

HANDs! Project Visits Green School

This year, HANDs project is extending its disaster prevention orientation to a broader field: environment.  On Tuesday, Oct. 4th a group of 45 fellows will spend the whole day at GS as part of step 2 of the project: observing, learning. They will meet with Kembali, Biobus, KKC.

Once again, GS represents an inspiring figure for problem solving initiatives.

The HANDs! Project is a human resource development program sponsored by the Japan Foundation Asia Center. The project was created as a place for mutual learning, sharing knowledge, and cooperating to solve problems for disaster prevention and support for disaster-affected areas, primarily in Asian countries.

Currently, youth with a strong interest in disaster prevention are selected once a year from eight countries including Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Japan for training. By their target date of 2020, they will produce many new leaders who will cultivate disaster prevention and support activities for disaster-affected areas in the Asian region and build a network that transcends national borders.

Friday is Carpool Day!!

Eek! Farmers Market Fridays have gotten so popular, we often run out of parking spots.  As a Green School community, we can fix this.  Here are some ideas:

  1. Pile everyone from the neighborhood in and carpool

  2. Ask your drivers that stay with the car to park/wait in Sibang Kaja outside school

  3. Use one of the 10 spots by Student Village/the bridge and clock in a couple extra fitbit steps up the hill

  4. For students coming home only, a great day to try the Bio Bus!

You’re all so clever, we know you’ll find lots of solutions working together.

P.E. & Sports

Sports fans! Please read for the latest BSSA soccer updates and what to expect from our booth at the GS Expo this Friday. Please bookmark this link to receive our weekly blog posts: http://blog.greenschool.org/category/specialist/pe/

BSSA Soccer

The following teams have games next Wednesday 5 October:

6-8 mixed @GS – start 2.00pm

9-10 girls @CCS – start 2.30pm

Please check our blog each week to stay up to date on BSSA games and news.

PE team at the GS Expo this Friday!

Come visit our booth in the Sangkep to find out more about the following PE/Sport programmes:

  1. BSSA (Bali Schools Sports Association)

  2. Weekend sports events

  3. Friday sports assemblies (part of the House Sports League)

  4. Outdoor Education

We are looking for interested, organised and passionate community members to volunteer their time to support our team in the listed programmes. See you there!

BSSA Security Protocol Assistance

The International School on Bali have discussed ways in which we can improve security at BSSA events at our respective schools.  We have enhanced our processes for BSSA visits here with our security, and we ask your help to do the following:

–At an away game, carry your own Green School parent ID

–Ensure the students are in school/sports uniform

–Parents should try to arrive at the other school at the same time as the team so that you can go in together as a group

Thank you.

Listen to Green School alumni Clover Hogan Here!

Clover graduated from Green School in 2016. She recently shared her inspiring Green Stone project on “The Greatest Threat Facing Humanity,” and a little bit of her Green School experience on a podcast that can be listened here. Check it out!


FRIDAY 30th Sept @ 8.30 Sangkep

GSPA Monthly Meeting & GS Expo

Roll Up Roll Up….

Please join us for our Monthly GSPA Meeting on Friday 30th Sept in the Sangkep for a quick GSPA update followed by the Green School EXPO, a one stop shop opportunity for parents to discover all the Events & Enterprises available at Green School…and decide which one takes your fancy!

Parent involvement is one of the main things that make Green School the special place it is…so we look forward to seeing you there as you vie for the sign up sheet of your choice!


Meditation 8.15am Yoga Bale is cancelled on Friday 30th

The Communal Eco Village

Friday 30th September – Small field next to Sangkep 3.15pm

House Design Package Release

The Communal Eco Village is a group of Green School parents dedicated to providing ‘Eco

Friendly affordable housing close to School. They will be releasing their house design package

this Friday, following the Assembly at the small field near Sangkep. All welcome!


Meaningful Monday Mornings Monday 3rd October 9am Conversations Outside The Red Tent – for women only Facilitated by Magda Jenkins. Come and join our women’s circle, share your experience and wisdom and connect with other women. Topic of the discussion: “There is little understanding and allowance for the realities of being a cycling woman—let alone celebration.” — Lucy Pearce (Moon Time)

Bio Bus Tour Leah is away so there will be no Bio Bus Tours in October

Parent Workshops Wednesday 5th October

Reflex Healing with Linda Stevens Understanding some of the root causes behind ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism spectrum, speech delay, sensory processing challenges and social/emotional imbalances. In this lecture for parents we will guide you in a brain tune up exercise for focus and relaxation. Then we will explore what are Primitive Reflexes and how do they affect the development of the brain and central nervous system, the ideal life cycle of a primitive reflex: emerge, develop and integrate, how to identify your child’s retained primitive reflexes, how tools such as skin stimulation and rhythmic movement improve learning, sensory processing, social/emotional maturity, speech, strength and balance.

All upcoming events can also be viewed on: Green School Website www.greenschool.org

  1. Go to Parents Page (Access code: AcademicYear2016_17)

  2. Click on GS Community Events Calendar

  3. GS Parents Association FB Group


As part of the GSPA’s mission this year to move towards greater integration of the Local Scholarship families within the Green School community, Elvira & Helen attended the LSP September Monthly meeting. After a beautiful meditation & sharing of affirmations provided by Pak Skol, the LSP Counselor, we were welcomed with great warmth! Thanks to Ibu Darwi, LSP Class Ambassador, we have made real headway in how best to include LS families in all parent activities at Green School this year. At the Meeting were able to get suggestions and get valuable feedback from the parents themselves about the best modes of communication & ideas for social activities so more LS families are able to attend. We then were privileged to be included in their Mission Statement brainstorming session, where integration of all cultures at Green School was a dominant theme. We look forward to hearing the result of their session in weeks to come


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