2nd week of the last term…

Dear Families,

We hope you are all feeling ready for the last term.

In our proficiency sessions this week, there has been lots of wonderful learning.  In our maths sessions we have introduced the topic of probability, have continue practising division and have applying skills that we have developed to solve word and number problems.  Alongside that, in literacy we have been allowing space for practising and developing our creative writing skills, have continued developing key spelling strategies and also continued experimenting with different types of punctuation.

In Indonesian culture, we are preparing our upcoming event: “Share the love to the east…”. Students are working to help a school in Karangasem in the eastern part of Bali.  We are hoping to support them with a variety of school supplies as well as hoping to donate some preloved clothing. It is great to see our learners developing their sense of community and endeavouring to help and support other children.

In Bahasa Indonesia sessions, we are excited and looking forward to getting restarted with our project of visiting our friends in the local school every Tuesday morning. Next week as a part of this trip, we will be going to a cleansing temple close to the Banjar Sangeh. Please remember to send your children with a sarong on Tuesday.

In Thematics, we are working across Grade 4 as we have been introducing our new themes: Time to Fly – To Be The Changemaker.  It has been so exciting to be working together on these themes and seeing all the energy and excitement from the children! As we progress through these themes, Grade 4 will be split into groups working on different topics related to the main themes: chickens – medicinal plants – insects – surfing.

We wish you all a wonderful week.

The Grade 4 Team


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