3B’s Second Week

Dear Parents and Families.

We had a nice and fun four days week with some reviewing and new learning.

In Thematic, we have explored some ways of communicating. We have done how to represent our self thorough pictures of things described us, we have learnt some ancient writing and was starting making our own alphabetical symbol or drawing. This task will be continued on making a secret message which after will be revealed by their classmate.

In English, we just finished on writing All About Me piece and still working on writing information questions, W_H questions and YES-NO questions.

Reviewing subtraction and additions through games, activity and paper works were all about Math.

Bahasa Indonesia and Indonesian Culture class was all about learning some words related to school through the song that we are still working on, discussing about Indonesian Independence Day and its tradition, and the last is Saraswati Celebration. The students were also had a chance to make  the simplest Balinese offering called “Canang”.

What happen next week?

Thematic : Writing a secret message to a friend using our own alphabet invention, Write in Balinese character on a palm leaves, have an activity using a Morse code.

Math : We will review place value and problem solving on subtraction and addition  (more to a word problem)

English : exploring the structure of fairy tale

Bahasa Indonesia : reviewing some greeting expression,  continuing practicing and learning new words through the song

Indonesian Culture : Discover Bali through its landscapes, traditions and foods. Some new Bahasa Indonesia words about these will also be taught.


Saraswati celebration tomorrow at 9:30, put on your Balinese attire and all the family are invited.

Have a good weekend,

3B Family


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