3B Updates

Dear parents and families,

It has been a busy but fun week in the class and the students are easily transitioning to a new teacher coming in helping us in Literacy and in Math (supporting). The students are continuing their learning in ways of communication through writing. This week they have tried to finish their secret letter using their own alphabet and tried to reveal their friends’. They were having fun in being a secret code breaker and having a pride afterwards. Beside that, the students were also experienced learning traditional Balinese character/ writing, some facts about it and tried to write their name in a traditional way- in a dried palm leaves, where they have to write with  pencil and trace it over with a nail (originally with chisel) then cover it with a charcoal. Thematic week is ended by integrating this theme to the Art lesson, where the students are learning about how different colors communicate differently.

In Math, the students were reviewing place value through different activities and ways.

In English, they have finished their self narrative and leading to writing fairy tale. We have talked about the similarities among all fairy tales, followed by introducing a graphic chart about writing a good sequence plot/ story.

In Bahasa Indonesia we have learned some new words about landscapes and making connection to landscape of Bali.

The students always have a silent reading time after break mostly and one day in the beginning of day (adjusting with the schedule we have). The idea of this to have the students a habit of reading and building up their reading stamina.

What happen next week?

Thematic: we are going the learn about communication using digital technology,The history of telephone, experience making a telephone out of can and wire and  how to be a good communicator.

Math : we are moving to regrouping

English : Writing one story using the graphic chart and peer editing.

Bahasa dan Budaya Indonesia : The students will learn asking and answering question about personal identity, name, address and hobby. We will make a connection to a local stuff who are working around us to give the students real life experience using the language with the native. Culturally, we are going to continue exploring Bali with its landscape and moving to special features.


  1. This a request from the Science teacher to send your kid with a torch for Tuesday (next week class).

  2. Please have your kid bring their sport shoes on Monday and Thursday.

Have a good and relaxing weekend.

3B team.


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