5th Annual China Future Schools Conference

Sal Gordon recently travelled (with Kyle King) to Chongqing, China, to participate in a ‘Future Schools’ conference. The event was attended by Chinese government representatives, Chinese leaders in Education, local teachers, and international experts.

Pak Sal gave a presentation, titled ‘Green School Bali – School of the Future, Now’ – to approximately 1200 people.

“I’m hoping that my presentation will give you ideas and provoke possibilities about your individual and our collective thoughts about schools in the future”

Sal’s speech gave an overview-summary of Green School – from the origin, our Mission and Vision, the learning programs – including our Three Frames of Learning (proficiencies, thematics, experiential), and skills-based, values-based and project-based learning.

“When students leave school, the most important skill we as teachers and leaders in education can give to them is the burning desire to learn. I want my students to love learning. I want my children to have the life skills to carry this love of learning into their adult life. Gone are the days where learning stopped at school and university – the ability to learn, to adapt and to re-learn, these are the new currencies for happiness and success in today’s world and the future”

Sal’s presentation was well-received (the only speech that received a number of mid-presentation spontaneous applauses) – many people were interested in finding out more information about our innovative little school in the jungle. Other international experts were also very keen to learn more.

Dear Sal

Your speech left a deep and lasting impression on me. It’s clear that your school truly is Green in its beautiful location and also in its philosophy. Your approach to teaching and learning is innovative and authentically reflects your values as a community. I hope to take your example to Kingswood and try to make suggestions regarding moving our sustainable development work more student led and use your example to empower them to become future changemakers.

Garrod Musto

Acting Director

Kingswood International School

Bath, UK

When going away to conferences like these, it’s important our GS representatives also learn and develop professionally. At this particular conference, due to schools and education departments discussing the need to revolutionise current education models – where skills and values need to be as important as knowledge-based learning – it was inspirational in regards to how these thoughts validated the Green School model; we ARE DOING what many schools/systems want to do.

“It’s difficult to summarise what makes Green School so unique – the architecture and our learning spaces, the gardens/jungle/river, the innovative skills and values-based project-rich learning program, the community, the focus on Sustainability and educating students to be change-makers, our strong sense of Values. But to me, the best and most unique aspect of Green School is about the Relationships we build. The relationships between teachers and students, students and students, and the inner-relationships that individuals build with themselves – the relationships we build with our local community, and the relationships we build in the global community – but most importantly, because learning is meaningful and fun at Green School, the most important relationship we build at Green School is the student-by-student, love-fueled, life-long relationship with Learning.”


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