A Big Week in the High School

Hey HS Community

It has been another awesome week of learning, growth and exploration in the Green School High School. Have a look at some photos from the week.

The Bio Bus team has a new partner supplier for used cooking oil: John Hardy Jewelry! They cook and provide a free lunch for over 700 employees everyday. They have pledged to us their used cooking oil. This week we collected 350 liters from them! The Grease Police collected on Wednesday.

The LEAP team is developing a plan to rehabilitate coral reefs. If you’d like a great read about the LEAP team and their snorkeling reef exploration in Padang Bai, go ahead and click this link. Here are some photos of that snorkeling adventure to pique your curiosity.

It’s been a big week for our Culture Conservation: Traditional Medicine class. We started by making poultices for skin irritations and mixtures for aromatherapy, then used steam distillation to make hydrosols from fragrant plants on campus. The week ended with a wonderful visit to Bindu Healing Centre where we spent time with Pak Gusti learning about Lontars, medicinal traditions written in Sanskrit on dried young palm leaves. We all left feeling rich with a new knowledge of this ancient and sacred Balinese culture.

In our arduino class, students are building tools to solve real-world issues. No, it’s not Wall-e. This is our new student-designed system that uses ultra sonic pulse to send data about the vortex water level.

This student project is designed to count the bottles that are brought to Kembali for recycling.

This week in Surf Rescue, our put all of our swimming, first aid and CPR skills together in mock rescues using different aids in small surf. Students have shown excellent progress and competence in preparation for their certification examination next week.

In Swim for Life, Josh has progressed in his apnea training, taking a trip with the GSPA to Padang Bai last week, and training with their “advanced snorkeling club” this week. Over the course of 4 weeks his Dynamic Without Fins (DNF)*** distance has increased, he made a personal best 50m DNF in a long-course pool.

***DNF is where the diver, on a single breath, tries to cover the greatest distance possible in a pool but this time all propulsion aids/fins are prohibited so divers just use their arms and legs to propel themselves. Great job Josh!

The 13/14/15 Boys BSSA soccer team finished up their regular season with a loss to LFB, however with their semi-final ticket punched it was a good chance to get everyone some minutes. Looking forward to next week and the big +15 tournament (Tuesday) and the BSSA finals (Wednesday).​

And what an amazing University Fair we had this morning in the Sangkep. We had representatives from 43 different universities from all over the world sharing information about their programs and making connections with our students and faculty. It was a fun and informative experience. Students left the workshops and meet-and-greet with new ideas and a heightened level of excitement about future opportunities. A big thanks to Ibu Melinda who spearheaded making this happen!

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