A Delightful Fifth Week in 4A!

Dear lovely Parents:  We have had such a fun week! Here are some updates from our classroom.

In Numeracy, students reviewed subtraction and addition. We practiced using 3 stations with different addition and subtraction games at each one. The students also played “Ular Tangga” (or, in English, “Snakes and Ladders”) and when they were landed on the head of snake they had to answer a question using addition or subtraction. We continued our material with comparing numbers, ordering from greatest to least or least to greatest by analyzing the value of each digit and its place value. We also reviewed and played games by sorting numbers based on whether they were even and odd numbers.

Students interviewed some of the people around the warung and Heart of School using Bahasa Indonesia and ask about their identity. Our students really enjoyed this activity as it gave them more experience using Bahasa in the school community with native and non-native speakers. From this practice, we hoped to improve their confidence using Bahasa Indonesia.

In Thematic, students divided into groups and discussed the painting design that they wanted to use for their final classroom community painting. After they made their group designs on the whiteboards, they voted for the winning class painting idea. It was so fun to share and come to a decision using this democratic approach. Discussing our feelings surrounding the process also

Indonesian Studies we made Balinese Offerings called kwangen for Primary Full Moon Ceremony. The students was so enjoyed did it. We also discussed about full moon ceremony and the purpose of this ceremony.

We also have one of our students birthday this week. Happy birthday Lucy!

With love,

The 4A Team

Ibu Joni, Pak Donnie, and Ibu Tri.

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