A Glance From Bahasa and Cultural Class

Dear 3A Families,

We hope everyone had a relaxing 2 days holiday as Balinese people were celebrating their holy day, Galungan. It  happens every 210 days and is the symbol of the victory of Dharma (good) to Adharma (bad). You may see Balinese people put a big tall curved bamboo that was decorated beautifully and colorful in front of their house. It is called a Penjor which symbolizes the tallest and holiest mountain in Bali, Mount Agung. The mountain itself is the symbol of the universe. All offering that are put on the penjor are to show how grateful human is to the God’s blessing and it is also the symbol of prosperity. This celebration will be last for 10 days and it is ended with Kuningan ceremony on 11 November 2017. In the class, students had discussed about this holy day and how Balinese celebrate it besides doing ceremony and making penjor, they also make with their traditional food such as lawar (there are two types: white lawar from coconut and red lawar from pig’s blood), babi guling, tum/pepes (steamed pork), etc that use all parts of a pig. Students in the class tasted these traditional foods and tried to explore the taste, textures and ingredients.

In Bahasa Indonesia class, students reviewed numbers from 0 to 10 (nol, satu, dua, tiga, empat, lima, enam, tujuh, delapan, sembilan sepuluh), numbers 11 – 19 (11-sebelas, 12-dua belas, 13-tiga belas, key word for teens is belas), tens (10-sepuluh, 20-dua puluh, 30-tiga puluh, the key word of tens is puluh). Some students learned to hundreds (100-seratus, 200-dua ratus, 500-lima ratus, the key word of hundreds is ratus. They practiced this skills to count objects in the classroom. Besides, students also learned the sentence pattern: “Ada __3__ pensil di kelas” that means “there is/are ___tiga___ pencil(s) in the class”.

To take an ownership in the full moon ceremony that happened this week, students also prepared an offering for their class. They made kwangens that symbolized the God of sun by arranging flowers into a kojong, a cone shape leave. They followed the ceremony very mindfully and respectfully.

Last but not least, two of our lovely children having their birthday this week. Happy Belated Birthday Zoe and Eyob!

Below are some pictures of the week. Please enjoy it and have a wonderful weekend with families and friends.

Best regards,

Grade 3A Team

Bahasa and Culture Class- Making kwangens.

Bahasa and Cultural Class- Making kwangens.

Thematics – Working with MS students to design a self-made clock

Thematics – Working with MS students to design a self-made clock

Thematics – Working with MS students to design a self-made clock

Happy Halloween!!!

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