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Missing Items Over the course of the year we have heard that now and then items went missing. Items go missing from different locations, at different times. Some returned to its rightful owner, some were never seen again. It is great to see that often immediate action is taken by the Community, by spreading the word quickly if anyone has borrowed item(s) and did not yet return it.

From the Learning Environment team it is advised that every community keep and store items appropriately. In case a community member finds or is missing missing any item(s), immediately contact security at our Guest Entrance, next to KemBali. This enables our Security team to take immediate and appropriate actions according to security procedures, aim for quick retrieval of the missing item(s), and establish an incident report.

In case you find any item(s), it is recommended to report and deliver to the security post at the Guest entrance. Here the item(s) are documented, stored and communicated, which enables community members to easily drop and pick up any belonging(s) at a centralized location.  So, in case you are missing item(s), come and visit Security for lost & found.

Traffic Safety The Indonesian helmet law is clear and states that any motorbike driver and passenger are obliged to wear a helmet. If not wearing a helmet may cause severe damage to your well-being and wallet. Motorbike drivers without helmet may be penelised, or in case of an accident your  insurance will not cover any costs. That is why Green School advises everyone getting on that motorbike always wear a helmet. No matter how long the distance is, no matter how warm it is, not matter how messed up your hair will look like.  Whatever you wear, wear a helmet and please be the example to others.

Finally, To minimize accidents on the street in front of Green School we have developed a new Drop Off Zone and the northeastern end of Green School’s parking zone. This new Drop Off Zone is to ensure that students step-in and -out of a car in a more safe manner, while the main road is still to be used by other road users. Please use this space to drop-off students and do not use the main street.

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