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To enhance the health, safety and security of all our daily visitors at Green School, we continuously monitor our processes and procedures. We do this to continue our learning journey and serve you even better.

Our First Aid Station has an average of 300 patients every month and due to its trained staff and clear procedure this team is able to ensure that 90% of all patients return to class and work. Also, we tested our on-campus Indonesian First Aid Responder, who made sure the patient was transferred to the first aid station and was given the appropriate medical attention within 15 minutes.

In the previous e-mail you read about the “Driving towards a safer community” to strengthen our awareness on a safe traffic zone around Green School. A workshop where Pak Wayan invites you and the drivers to join the Driver Safety Workshop. In relationship to driving towards a safer community, please be mindful that this Friday we will start a test to cease traffic flow during Friday’s Assembly (2:30 PM to 3:30 PM). This test is done to minimize disturbance and interference during our Assembly. So be smart and arrive prior to 2:30 to find a convenient parking spot. Also, while you are early at Green School enjoy one of many lovely refreshments from our vendors!

In case you have not yet collected your personal RFID, or you have lost it please visit the Welcome Desk next to Shanti House. Ibu Yani with her everlasting friendliness can help you to acquire your personal RFID tag. A quick recap on the RFID tag procedure to make Green School a healthy and safe place: 1. Slow down at Green School’s Vehicle Check Point. 2. Open your window. 3. Show your RFID pendant. 4. Drive slowly and safely to your designated drop/off or parking area. 5. Use your RFID pendant to open our access gate at the entrance upon entry/exit by tapping to scanner. 6. Wear your RFID pendant visibly around your neck on campus. 7. If you did not bring your RFID tag, please visit our visitor entrance to receive a temporary V tag

Truly yours,

Learning Environment Team

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