A Visit From TK Goval

Shadow Charades

Shadow Puppet

The thematic of Puppet continues; after making marionette last week the children made some sock puppets this week. They learned a little bit of sewing skill in order to complete their sock puppets. Some made snakes, some others made dogs, and there were a few who made princesses. Besides sock puppet, they were also introduced to Indonesian shadow puppet theater. They learned that it’s an ancient form of storytelling and entertainment using puppets, screen, and light. Before Ibu Kiara told a story using shadow puppets, the children played a game of shadow charades where one child had to act out a certain clue which the rest needed to guess what it was. The class had so much fun playing the game. Then Ibu Kiara began to tell them a story of Pandawa Lima which was about five male siblings and what their strengths were.


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