A Week with Pak Sal

Hi Team

Week 3 of Term 2 was a lot of fun.

In Literacy, Our Amazing Planet, students started re-writing their research sentences into their own words. The writing-editing-rewriting process has begun – students are really motivated about writing concise, easy-to-read sentences. On Friday, students completed a one lesson challenge to write a Children’s Book called ‘The River is my Hero’. This is a page from Remy and Anais’s book:

In Maths, students started to apply the calculation skills they had been practicing. Students were solving word problems, using the 10% and 1% rules, and finding the percentage of different amounts.

In Thematic, the 7B students completed character development for the Banquet and they studied famous scientists and mathematicians of the era. In addition, students learned how to write common scientific words in Arabic.

In Jalan-Jalan, students made short films about Heroes at Green School. We made Hero films about the doctor, the architects and builders, and Kitchen Staff. Come to next week’s special assembly on Wednesday for a special viewing.

Next week, I am super excited about Dr Zimbardo coming to GS

Every week is a busy week at Green School. But every week – every lesson – is special. I love my job. I love this learning community.


Pak Sal


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