A week with Pak Sal

Hi Team

Last week in Maths, my group looked at the different way we represent numbers – Fractions, Decimals and Percentages – we looked at strategies that enable us to convert between these different forms. This week we will start applying these skills to real-life examples.

In Literacy, we spent time looking at the qualities of successful Children’s Books – classics like ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. Students had the chance to re-write a Children’s Book and they were also able to begin the design process of their own books. This week we will start researching the scientific content for the students’ books.

In the Go-Pro Jalan-Jalan unit, students did an amazing job with a short-film challenge. Hopefully this week we will have our cameras and be able to start making our documentaries.

In Thematic we started the Medieval Banquet unit. We had introduced the unit with general information about the time period 700 – 1400 AD. We spent time getting to know our characters. Students completed an Art-Maths activity. And, thanks to Pak Baptiste who brought his musical friend, Anello, we were treated with a session on Arabic Music.

Have a great week.

Pak Sal


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