• Kris Laroche

A WHOOSH for Ibu Zabby

Hi everyone:

Ibu Zabby had a motorbike accident this weekend that required surgery for a broken collarbone. She is resting and will take time off from Wellbeing classes, until she recovers and feels ready to return. Big gratitude to the Green Studies Team who will be leading the Zoom sessions in her absence. Please send her a whoosh!

On a different subject, our GLOBAL TIME ZONE ZOOM SESSIONS are not getting much participation. The teachers have put together some pretty interesting sessions and would love to have more of you join. Please see if you want to jump on a call this week! If we are unable to get more participation, then we will cancel these classes as they may not be meeting your needs.

That's all for today.

Be well. Much love.

Ibu Kris and the Primary Team

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