After School Activities – Our story this week!

Is it hard to stitch? No, absolutely not! It has been a fun meeting with students who came to learn how to embroidery at our ASA Embroidery Class with Ibu Yulie & Ibu Neni that is run every Wednesday. Our students got a chance to make their own design and create their own pillow sheet. They have learned some stitching styles such as back stitch, running stitch, lazy daisy stitch, cross stitch, and so on. Here are what they said about Embroidery class.

Indra Zomers: “It’s really fun and I learned a lot and I made a heart with pattern in it, a cushion sheet. You should go to this”. Islay Kawano: “It is fun and relaxing. I made a heart and flowers”. Nanako Obara: “It was a very fun activity and I make a peace sign and a heart and I made a lot of mistakes at the back”. Luh Nia Chihaya Okudaira: “It was really fun and we can learn many things from this activity. It was really relaxing as well”.

More exciting stories are happening in our ASAs classes and will share it again soon!

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