After School Activities’ Updates

Magical Sustainable Drawing is a fun After school activity for Primary School children. The class is run by a Ibu Joni (G4A) and parent Emma Nyman. The aim is to using drawing with the children to affirm the school iRespect values.

In some lessons each child picks a card from Ibu Emma’s pack of “Happy Kids Cards”. These are a set of cards which are based around positive affirmations by drawing and colouring whilst looking at the positive affirmation, it allows the children to express emotions more easily. Drawing and colouring based on the cards, has been combined with some activities outside.

Now as the school year is fast approaching, we are creating a large mosaic. Each child is painting their own drawing and when we connect all the pictures, a different one of someone important to Green School will appear. As the children colour and paint their part of the mosaic, we talk about values and what their part of the picture means to them. It’s all about helping them express their feelings and see the world in a more positive light.

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