Air Quality, Waste Management & Trash Burning, What can we do? Update #3

Dear Community,

We wanted to share a brief update on the planning which has taken place and progress which has been made since the December break.

Sheila Noor, one of our Indonesian team members (who also happens to have a degree in law and a special interest in environmental law) has transitioned into a role on the Sustainability Team within our Campus Operations group. She has been meeting with community members, government and NGO stakeholders, researching opportunities and best practices, and working closely with our Yayasan Kul-Kul President, Ibu Ika, on a comprehensive plan — with a special focus on what we can do in the short term.

This afternoon will mark the 6th in our new series of weekly trash walks with our friends and neighbors in Sibang. Our local team — many of whom live in Sibang themselves — have been leading this weekly event since December, with a focus on waste collection and gentle community engagement. We are pleased to report that after the first few weekly walks the team have now felt comfortable to brand the program “Stop Bakar Sampah” (Stop Burning Trash) and are beginning to openly discuss the topics of waste management, recycling, composting and the dangers of trash burning with our neighbors.

In another helpful turn of events, Pak Nyoman, the gentleman who was running the waste collection and burning facility along the road to the north of our campus has closed his operation.

At a meeting this morning, members of our Waste Management Task Force discussed plans to begin outreach with the local community around composting as an alternative to burning organic household waste and hope to soon be offering “composting buckets” so that residents can either begin to make their own compost (with education and support from us) or simply turn their un-composted organic waste over to the School so that we can use it to feed our animals and expand our own own-campus composting program.

And while we hope that the Regency of Badung’s plans to launch a Bank Sampah (Waste Bank) in Sibang will materialize soon, we are meanwhile looking at options to provide the residents closest to our School with waste separation bins and an opportunity to be compensated for their collection and separation efforts.

While our overall efforts are a work in progress, we are committed to keeping after it and will continue to share updates.

Terima kasih!

PS: The weekly Stop Bakar Sampah trash walks will continue every Thursday at 4pm — all community members are invited to join us and get out to meet our neighbors! Also, we will be taking part in Green School Bali’s Biggest Cleanup, which will include a whole-of-community trash walk in Sibang on Friday, 21 February at 8:30 


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