Anjing Kintamani /Kindy A – Week 5

Anjing Kintamani were super keen to start the week by making tomato soup with our very own special garlic and herb concoction spread onto bread. We went to pick some herbs called dill and mint. Next,  we chopped them all up finely with garlic and mixed them into slightly, salted butter which we used to make garlic bread.  We also used this special butter to saute the onion so it mixed with the same herbs and garlic, the smell was delicious! The children learnt the word  ‘blanch’. We slightly cut the tomatoes by making a cross on the top of each one before Ibu Pipit gently plunged them into boiling water. The tomatoes stayed in the water for 10 seconds then carefully she took them out. A moment later, when they had cooled a little the children peeled the skin off for smoother texture of tomato soup. It was a new process that none of them had done before. We told them it is not necessary to peel the skin off but we just wanted them to experience it. Everyone thought the ‘naked tomatoes’ were very slippery and squishy!!!! After that, we mixed all the ingredients with some salt and pepper inside the blender, oops, here, we were learning a new word again – liquidiser (not just a smoothy maker).    After one final heating the soup was ready, we ate it with  the toasted bread all crispy and crunchy.   Different textures and tastes dancing in our mouths. What another great way to end our first day of the week!

We did lots of dancing in yoga with Ibu Cherry. She put a card on each of our mats, played some music to dance to and when she stopped it we had to choose different mat and do the yoga pose shown by the card. It was lots of fun, especially as she played the Gummy Bear music which was some people’s favourite from last year.

Bambajam continued on with the tune of ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’ with each of the children taking turn as a conductor. In between Pak Duncan played the keyboard, and all of us sang  “Can’t Stop The Feeling” by Justin Timberlake. (Ibu Jo was sad to miss this one!)

In Literacy we have been focusing on rhyming words and sounds using games and songs. We helped Ibu Jo making silly soup…..with rhyming ingredients of course – box, blocks, clocks, fox, rocks, locks and oh so smelly socks! And that is only one kind of silly soup! Can you make another  soup with  the different rhyme ingredients with the same end sound?  Here’s the song for you and your child to play with, sing it with the tune of “Pop Goes The Weasel”

I’m making lots of silly soup

I’m making soup that’s silly.

I’m going to put it in the fridge to make it nice and chilly.

In Maths, we played games too while learning to match objects and try to find their similarities and differences. We learnt to estimate when guessing the amount of pompoms inside a jar. We passed around the jar for them to look at closely then, the children eagerly gave their best estimation of how many were inside. We also learnt to match the shape of a drawing and the real objects. We have been thinking about shapes all week in class and outside too and learnt the name of lots of 2D shapes. Can you spot any octagons, hexagons, pentagons, rectangles, diamonds, squares, triangles or circles in your house or when you are out and about?

Pak Brett introduced the children with the overlapping way of singing called singing in the round.We practised with the song “Row Row your Boat”. We divided the class into two, with one group sang followed the other but with different lyrics. It was proved to be a fun challenge as it was actually hard for the group to stay on their own line without eventually following the other group. Everyone laughed so much as we got in a big muddle.

The Early Years Potluck Special Breakfast was a complete success! So many parents turned up and brought super yummy treats for everyone to share across all four classes.Parents, students and teachers were mingling, talking while munching over the treats, possibly the heaviest breakfast anyone has ever had. No wonder snack time was not very popular that day! Thank you for coming, dear parents and friends, we can’t wait for the next one. 🙂 Maybe these playground visitors will turn up as special guests?!?!

Our new thematic is ‘The Foodie in Me’. This topic will cover all different aspects of food and we started this week by discovering the animals at Green school. Most people’s favourites were the little piglets that Pak Wayan took us to visit on Monday. Some of the class are vegetarian so we talked about why some people might not choose to eat meat and lots of different reasons for avoiding some kinds of foods. We thought about personal choices, religious reasons, as well as likes and dislikes and allergies. We shared stories about people we knew who didn’t eat things and why.

The highlight of our 3 animal explores this week has to be our field trip to Kul Kul farm in Green Studies with Pak Brett and Pak Wayan. We learnt that seedlings ( baby plants) start their lives in a nursery on the farm before they are planted out to grow in the fields. Pak Wayan showed us lots of animals and we saw the chicks growing strong under a heat lamp as well as their mothers in a different large pen. We could hold the hens if we were very careful and didn’t make a lot of noise – amazing! We also spotted goats  and we learnt that they have a special house to go into at night to keep them snug as they sleep and safe from the dogs in the area. Pak Wayan showed us how they make coconut sugar in big pans cooked over a real fire and we all got to taste some of the sweet yummy sugar afterwards, Pak Brett had the most! To finish off we had a healthy snack of purple flowers which are often used in salads. We know that we can’t pick any old flowers and berries and try them though, only the ones our grown ups say are ok to eat.

Thank you so much to Ibu Suzy, Lucy’s mum, who came and read us one of her favourite rhyming stories today. We all joined in with the patterns as she read ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’  by Julia Donaldson. We liked it so much that we decided to find lots more stories by the same author for our classroom during library time.

A new friend Haruna joined us earlier this week from Japan. Haruna speaks 3 languages, Bahasa Indonesia is going to be her fourth! We were happy to have some kids volunteering to teach Haruna what she’s missed such as counting in Bahasa Indonesia. Anjing Kintamani have been working so hard to be kind to all their friends and to play in a gentle way with each other and listen to what our friends say to us. We decided that having one best friend was not the best way to play and that instead we are lucky to have lots of brilliant friends! What a great class to be part of.  🙂

Have a lovely weekend everyone,

The Anjing Kintamani team.


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