Anjing Kintamani/Kindy A- Week 9

Our thematic “The Foodie in me” came to an end last week. It took the children walking around the campus to find the answer of 5Ws of our food- what, why, who, when, and where. Our favorite  was when the children got  the answer of this question “Where did this (certain) ingredient come from?” and the answer that they kept getting was “From the supplier”. It becomes our inside joke now.On the last week of this term, we did carousel activity. Where we set up tables with different activity/theme, we let the children enjoy each table in an allocated time and then switch to the next. To ensure that they each interact with different friend, we put them in different group each time.

Cooking class this week was making ubi tumbuk – Mash Sweet Potatoes. We used only three ingredients. It is very simple to make, with a little help in the stove , your child can definitely prepare this for family dinner. First the children cut the ubi-sweet potatoes into approximately the same size, then steam roasted them in the oven. When they were ready and cooled, the children peeled the skin off and mashed it up with fork. Then they mixed in mentega – butter and susu kedelai-soy milk. The taste was divine! Their favorite part of making this was peeling the potatoes skin off as they could eat them too!

Indonesian language/culture, in addition to learn the name of 5 biggest islands in Indonesia, we learnt a little bit more about each one. Our first to explore was Sumatra Island. Did you know that Sumatra Island is the only island in the world that served as the original habitat of the 4 biggest animals on land? They are Badak Bercula Dua – two horned rhinoceros, the orang utan, Gajah Sumatra- Sumatran elephant, and Harimau Sumatra- Sumatran tiger. It is also the home of Beruang madu- sunbear. We put the matching quiz next to our Sumatra Island, on our Indonesian map. Ask your child to test you, like Lucy and her mum here …

Our sound of the week was C. We thought about lots of things started with the Curly C. For maths, the children were continuing to  explore numbers through games, manipulatives and working sheets.

This week also marked as our first time this year to celebrate the full moon. The children, along with the teachers were wearing their colourful traditional outfits. Ibu Par came to our class and helped us to make a beautiful flower arrangement on our canang.  She led us to the temple and then we prayed together. When it began to drizzle, we moved to the Heart of School. It was a peaceful experience and sight to behold. 

Yoga with Ibu Cherry this Tuesday, we played the traffic game with red, purple and green colors. Whenever we had red, everybody stopped and did the yoga pose of the traffic light’s choice. Purple, everybody danced without moving their feet. Green, everybody ran to try to get to the light before it changed again. Try this game at home with the whole family, fun guaranteed!

Our Teman-teman, friends from Grade 1 came to visit again. Each one of them was prepared to read us a story. It was wonderful to be read to by Grade 1, all of them were such an excellent storytellers. After reading the children played together exploring our playground

We have had music with Pak Brett and Bambajam with Pak Duncan. Both time were used to practice the children favourite songs. Everything sounds better with guitar and keyboards!

Green Studies was gardening with Pak Brett. The children learnt more about weeds. What make a plant a weed?, how do we do weeding?. After some weeding the children planted peanuts, watered them and put lots of love to it. They already know what to do with it when the harvest time arrives!

In PE Friday, Pak Garrett made the children ran around the Sangkep to flip the cone! There were competition elements to it, where they had to race against time and group race. At the end of each race, Pak Garrett made them counted the cones to determine the winner. He taught them how to win/loose gracefully. One way was by saying “Better luck next time!”.

We went up to the stage this Friday assembly to sing 4 songs, two in English and another two in Indonesian. Our kids were such performer; they enjoyed it and nailed it to the t. This positive first successful experience on stage was what we aimed for, to path way for more. 

Lastly, Selamat berlibur! we wish you a safe and enjoyable holiday. If you and your family happen to venture around different Indonesian islands, please send us pictures. We would like to use them for our Indonesian lesson. See you in the next 2 weeks!

With love and gratitude,

Kindy A/Anjing Kintamani team

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