Anjing Kintamani – Term 2 week 2

We were making Martabak Mie this week or noodle pancake. This was the cooking class with the least store bought ingredients so far. We put so many things in it but they all came from the school garden. The children went up to the vegetable patch near heart of school to pick  a little bit of everything that they thought would enhance the taste of our dish . So they came back with many different kind of  leaves, flowers, twigs, roots, fruit, vegetables and seeds. We sniffed and talked about them. Not all of them made it into our dish, such as the leaf of lemongrass and chillies! In making this dish, we used a pestle and mortar to squash bawang merah- shallots, bawang putih-garlic, merica-pepper and garam-salt. We mixed them into minyak kelapa- coconut oil and mentega- butter and we mix the mixture to coat the fresh blanched noodles. We cracked some eggs then added all of our chosen garden  produce, sprinkled some garam-salt and merica-pepper. Lastly we poured in  the seasoned noodle into the egg mixture and fried them. We made two martabak mie each  with different kind of noodles; mie kuning- wheat noodle and bihun-rice noodle. Can you guess which one was the children favorite one?

This week’s thematic, the kids blew our minds away.  Ibu Jo  was inspired to use a book called You Choose by Pippa Goodhart and Nick Sharratt. It’s beautiful illustration showed different landscapes to live on.  We talked to the kids about the possibility to change where they were and to choose the place we want to live in the future.When we asked them where they would go, the children were vastly divided, some couldnt even choose as each of the landscapes offered so many interesting possiblities. We  then decided to turn four landscapes into reality!. In a group of 4 and 5, each created a very special landscape diorama, namely snowland, forest, outer space and under the sea. The children were so proud with the result of  their creation, like they should.

We had a very special visitors during one of the Literacy and Maths lesson this week. Middle school friends came and joined our learning. It was very exciting to have them in the class. We hoped they enjoyed it as much as we did. Ask your children what this week sound was! Sst.. the answer is /g/ sound..

We did two lessons with Pak Brett this week. Music and Green Studies. In Green Studies we went up to help the volunteers builders patting mud onto the walls instead of using cement. It was a muddy work but Anjing Kintamani are always up to have fun and get dirty.

The spooky, eerie halloween is coming! Nothing gloomy in our class though, the children were so happy to make their own “trick or treat bag”  made from recycled bottles that we took from KemBali. We had a little setback when we found out that the paint that we used to decorate the bottle was peeling away! The children said a ghost had done it! We had to experiment with different mixtures to make it last and made a slight adjustment to our designs. All good in the end. We are super excited and are counting the sleeps until Monday.

Have a lovely weekend, see you next week!


Kindy A/Anjing Kintamani team

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