Anjing Kintamani – Term 2 Week 5

We have had a fabulously creative week in Anjig Kintamani. We were treated to a performance by the Spanish performance group Naranjarte. Their delicious mixture of puppetry and circus skills had the whole of Early Years mesmerised. They made balls appear to float in the air, won our hearts through their beautiful, mime and puppet interactions and got us thinking about looking after the planet with Rocky Racoon who lives in a recycling bin.

For much of the first part of the week we worked hard at polishing our lines, singing our songs and practising our dance moves. Here are a few pictures of the behind the scenes action which helped us prepare for the big show on Wednesday.

Of course the show itself was really special. Thank you for those who have shared their photos so far. BEAUTIFUL!

 In Literacy we have been using the sounds we have learnt already to read and write 3 letter words. Some of the children explored how to change 1 letter to make a new word and others wrote some 3 letter words to say which animals were in a picture. Everyone learnt the new sound /d/ as well as the camera word was.  In Maths the children wrote the numbers they were learning as many times as it was worth. They also drew objects the correct number too. It was trickier than it sounds!

We have been talking about taking care of our classroom and belongings this week and Aning Kintamani took the time to go to Kembali to find objects to help us organise our room. We also worked as a team to collect some of our new classroom resources and see what new things we have to use and take responsibility for in our class.  We recycled bottles, boxes, toilet rolls and cans giving them a new use  to help us make a place for everything.

Worms, worms and more worms! In Green Studies everyone worked very hard to collect the final layers of compost for our new planters. We discussed what we would like to grow in there with Pak Brett, I wonder which of our ideas we will be able to plant?

We took our library books on a jalan jalan: a beautiful nature walk. We ended up at the river and we saw  how powerful the river was today. It was full of rain water that made it very fast and noisy. We asked if anyone wanted to share their story and 3 different people told the class about the stories they had read at home with you. Explaining the pictures and the adventures and information. Everyone used their super listening ears and extra focus to really hear what was being said over the noise of the water below us. We can’t wait for others’ to be able to share their library book stories another week.

Do you know what happened in PE today? Here is a video for you to see for yourselves. 🙂

Next week is super special with our trip on Thursday and Dance Week at Green School so we hope everyone is ready to strut their funky moves with us!

Have a great weekend,

The Anjing Kintamani Team

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