Anjing Kintamani – term 2 week 6

This week we are dedicating the whole of the blog to our funtastic trip to Sila Agro Tourism. It was a brilliant mix of learning to running around fun and playing. We found out about lots of plants from a beautiful flower that is great medicine for a snake bite to the different vitamins some of the fruit and vegetables contain. Strawberries are full of vitamin C don’t you know! We got dirty with hands on planting of lavender and picking of tomatoes and tried an Icecream fruit from Australia.  Lots of people were real risk takers when they stepped out on the glass roof to see the plants below us and went on the ferris wheel which went up so high and we could see all across the valley around us. We are not going to say any more instead we are going to let the photos tell the story of our day themselves.  We hope you have fun talking together with the children about our first class excursion.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Anjing Kintamani Team


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