Anjing Kintamani – term 2 week 7

We didn’t have the Monday blues here in Anjing Kintamani, it was full of excitement! We were now cooking for the masses! Yes, our jalan jalan Grade 2 friends come and visit on the same day as our cooking lesson, so we always have some extra. We danced, played and like last week when we made kacang panggang-roasted/flavoured cashew and nuts, we enjoyed the fruit of our cooking with them. This week when made Bola bola kentang -potato balls and also created a slideshow for our friends to show them how we made them. We explained each step of the process and were really proud to share what we had made. We loved to see the transition of how a neat row of children with cooking utensils on the table turned into a chaotic, fun mess. See for yourselves in the e pictures below.

Step 1 Get the ingredients ready

Step 2 Chopped the broccoli into fine pieces

Step 3 Chopped the onions (bawang bombay) and get the potatoes ready

Step 4 Mash the potatoes (kentang), add butter (mentega),milk (susu) and salt (garam)

Step 5 Made many little potato balls, get the breadcrumbs (teppung roti) ready and whisked the eggs (telur) in separate bowl.

Step 6 roll the balls into scrambled eggs (tellur kocok)

Step 7 roll the balls into breadcrumbs

Step 8 fry them in coconut oil (minyak kelapa)

Step 9 Set them aside, let it cool. Serve…yummm..

The children love taking part in a carousel of tasks, they can’t wait to get their hands on each of different activities and we love to prepare these different table that unbeknownst to them is actually targeting to practice different set of fine motor skill. Last week, Ibu Pegi with her amazing origami  work, supervised the children as they created layers of folding paper to create a fan. Ibu Par who was with us that day, sat with the children to make a paper bird. Ibu Pipit was working with the children to look at their pencil grip, checking their number 1-5 formation and tracing skills. Another table was set up for them to learn all the things that start with “r”. After that there is a station with Jenga blocks and bamboo buttons for them to build their wackiest imaginative buildings using the playdough as the cement. Across it was Ibu Jo on standby to teach them how to hold chopsticks properly. Next week we will start to put our caterpillar and beanstalk mat as part of our carousel too.

We had a mystery trip last Thursday, what an adventure it was! The children happily walked up and down the hills to go to…. Luisa’s house! Pak Edu and Ibu Carol worked hard getting all the elements ready to keep the children entertained.  They made us a Treasure hunt, told us about the plants on a garden walk, shared yummy fruit ice cream as well as the swing and dolls house in Luisa’s house, and bedroom. Ibu Carol also explained to us how to create essential oils, you need to use so many flowers to get one tiny bottle of pure oil! It was so fun and tiring at the same time and for the first time in ever, later that day, some of the children chose to rest during play time.

This week in Maths the children learnt to differentiate sizes and positions. They learnt in between, next to, beside, big-bigger-biggest, little-littler-littlest, small-smaller-smallest. In Literacy we learnt the sound /r/  Ibu Jo had a magic bag that has things that start with “r” the children came to pick them up one by one. There were some tricky things in  there, i.e.  a stuffed toy that has 2 different names such as bunny and rabbit or a stuffed toy that look like a fox but it was a raccoon! We used them to play a memory game, trying to spot which ones had disappeared from our collection.

Next Thursday we are going into the mud pit during Green Studies. Families are invited to join us in the mud too and we will send an email early next week with all the details. Ibu Ayu Rosita in the library, is trying to collect in all the library books so that they are safe and sound over the long, mid-year break. Please can you send in any you have at home so we can get them back to her.

We hope that you have a safe and enjoyable long weekend. We are so looking forward to see the children on Monday.


The Kindy A/Anjing Kintamani team

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