Anjing Kintamani – term 2 week 8

Hello Everyone!

As another amazing week draws to a close we have so much to share about our learning and adventures as well as a sad goodbye to some of our dear classmates.

Cooking on Monday was a real treat as we made a very tasty and healthy sup bayam dan jagung  (sweetcorn and spinach soup).  We worked as team to strip the outer leaves from our sweetcorn cobs and then shaved off all the little corn kernels as our first ingredients.

Next, after washing our bayam (spinach) well we took the leaves of the stalks and ripped them into small pieces for the soup.

We added slices of bawang merah( shallots) and a little seasoning, temu kunci (root spice), garam (salt) and gula aren (palm sugar) before simmering it all together.

What a fabulous and healthy treat!

After several weeks of Grade 2A coming to visit us we decided to venture to their classroom this week to see what is like over there. Grade 2 had prepared a fantastic craft activity for us and we made Christmas tree decorations together.

We continued the Christmas theme later in the week when our mystery guest Ibu Susie taught us all how to make Christmas angels. We used our fan making skills to help us do this and everyone was super pleased with their gorgeous decorations. Thank you Ibu Susie and her amazing assistant Lucy! On Friday we shared what we knew about the celebration of Christmas and why people put stars or angels on top of their tree. Some children were Christian in the class and they were able to help us tell the nativity and we acted out the story of the birth of baby Jesus.

We learnt two new sounds in Literacy this week h and b.  We used our game Rally Robin to think of as many different words that start with each sound, you would be amazed with how many we came up with!  We have also been practising how to read and write consonant-vowel-consonant words playing Full circle and Quiz Quiz Trade to help us learn.

This week in Maths, we learnt more about the teen number and 10 rainbows! Kindy Buaya learnt this maths trick from Grade 2 during their Teman Teman programme. Ask your child how this rainbow works. Better yet, make one at home 🙂

During Bambajam this week we built on our last lessons knowledge and learnt how to recognise the note worth 3 beats. So now we know what the notes worth 1, 2, 3 and 4 beats all look like! We used this to play Pop goes the weasel as a whole class.

We showed how much knowledge we had about the names of some of the many Indonesian islands. Everyone was able to say 2 or more different ones and show them on the map and we could say the names we had learnt for our favourite of the beautiful Sumatran animals in Bahasa Indonesia.

In PE we listened really well to follow Pak Garrett’s instructions and worked as team players to complete the games and activities. We had to really engage our tummy muscles and be very controlled so we didn’t drop the bean bags balancing on our heads! Our favourite part of the lesson though was the game of toilet tag (tee hee)!

The Mud field….what can we say…it was SO MUCH GOOEY FUN!!!!!!!

Today we are very sad to say farewell to Nicholas, Benjamin and the whole family. We had a little party with them and gave them a farewell gift we had made together to remember us all by. Boys we will miss your smiling faces but wish you all the best in your new school at home.

Next week it is a 4 day week with school finishing at 3pm on Thursday after an assembly in the Sangkep. we will be singing a song so we hope you can make the final assembly of of 2017.  To help us get ready for this we would like you to email to us any pictures you have of your child in different places and islands in Indonesia. Thank you in advance for this.

Have a lovely weekend and see you for the final few days of the semester on Monday.

The Anjing Kintamani team.

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