Anjing Kintamani – term 3 week 3

Happy Friday!

Cooking was a delicious feast of sticky fruit pancakes. In groups we decided the fruit we wanted to use as our fillings and so we diced the apples and gently cooked it with a little nutmeg and honey. We scooped out passion fruit, chopped dragon fruit and sliced strawberries. We then used an electric hand blender to turn each into a tasty puree. We made pancake batter and each had a go at cooking pancakes, carefully flipping them and also made a custard.

In the afternoon, we watched an animated story about a runaway pancake from Norway.  Here is the link if you want to talk about the story together:   We acted it out afterwards taking on all the different characters and retelling the events that happened to the pancake. After that, we split into teams to make a pancake tower, carefully alternating a filling of fruit, then a filling of custard. We split all of them into enough pieces so that everyone got to try all the different flavour. This was a sticky but tasty way to end our Monday and we wanted to save our grown ups some but we couldn’t resit eating it all ourselves!

Bambajam was all about how music can make us feel. We had to identify sad, happy and scary music from how it sounded. Pak Duncan kept trying to trick us by having a different expression to the music but we were too good for him and could tell the different types regardless of the funny faces he pulled!  We told stories and had to change the notes that were played depending on the emotion too! We also practised leaving rest beats when we played and different people got to write the rhythms , selecting when to play and when to rest.

Our sound of the week this week in Literacy has been the sound e as in egg, elephant, echo and envelope. We have also learnt 2 new camera words said and no! In Maths we have focused on odd and even numbers and learnt which ones are which and how you work it out regardless of how big a number is.

In PE we played musical statues but instead of dancing they had to do Kangaroo hops,  jumps and walk backwards. We also got to play parachute games. We shook it to make ripples and waves and raised it up then had to switch places underneath it and played hiding games too beneath the silk. We played popcorn with the balls on the parachute chasing and catching them as they jumped!  In yoga we tried to build our body strength and control this week by working on our bridge poses. We think we did a pretty good job!

Thematics saw us jalan jalan to the Ayung river. We saw how water was used at the spring for worship at the temple and how it is used to grow rice. We looked at how the river flowed, it’s colour and patterns and spotted water falls and pools at the sides.  We noticed all the rocks making whirl pools and mini rapids. It made us wonder where the river came from and think about where it was going as well as how the river was used along it’s journey.  After the big storm on Tuesday night we decided to see how the river had altered. We saw that it was much higher and muddier and that the water now was smoother. We realised that we couldn’t see so many rocks now and that made the water smoother and really fast.  The rain had caused a small landslide and bamboo had come away and started to tumble into the river. Water is really powerful!

In class we looked at a topographical map of Bali and saw that The Ayung river rises as a spring at the rim of Mount Batur and then goes all the way across the island to the sea near Sanur.  We made our own topographical landscapes and sprayed blue water over them to see how the water pools and flows into rivers and lakes. We have started to make 3D models out of salt dough to trace rivers as they grow.

In Green studies we continued the water theme and started to make our own water sculptures and shoots with things we got from Kembali. Watch this space for how it will look next week!

We have taken part in the classes favourite of  a carousel of activities twice this week. This mixes our literacy, maths, Bahasa Indonesia and thematic, fine motors skills development and games into a varied session of mini slots and lots of small group support.  As part of this everyone was very excited to have a first look at our new phonics reading books! Everyone got to read with Ibu Jo and talk about the stories and pictures.

The rest of this blog is a repeat of the email we sent earlier in the week and is dates for your diary in the coming weeks.

Have a lovely weekend,

Tha Anjing Kintamani Team

PE – moving to Wednesday!

From next week PE will be switching from Friday to Wednesday so please make sure your child has sports shoes each week on this day.

Tuesday 30th February – Green School’s Annual Book Fair

The book fair will be open January 29th  – February 2nd from 9am – 4pm  on the 2nd floor HoS near library. There is a  10% discount on 1st and 2nd day to all students, parents and staff. We will also provide bargain books for a low price. By shopping at our school Book Fair you will not only be giving your children access to great new books to read wherever they go but you will also helping the school raise money to buy more books for the school library. With the early discount in mind we have decided to take our class on Tuesday 30th to look at the books.  If you would like to join us then please feel free to meet us at the classroom at 2.10 pm and we can go together. Alternatively you can send a small amount of money in on the day with your child (Maximum 150,000) and let us know via email that you have done so or visit the fair together another time that suits you. . Of course you don’t have any obligation to to do any of these and we will enjoy the books regardless.

Thursday 15th February – Potluck breakfast

We would like to invite you to our Early Years Breakfast Party on Thursday, February 15th from 8:15-9:30 am. All Early Years (Geckos, Starlings, Kindy A and Kindy B) families are invited to join their children and classroom teachers for a fun potluck style breakfast. It is a chance to connect with other parents and welcome new families, plus enjoy some great food together!Please bring something healthy to share. (Fruit, healthy baked goods or pre-made smoothies are great!). Unfortunately, we are unable to heat / cook anything there so whatever you bring should be ready to eat. We will provide banana leaf plates and some cutlery but please bring your own serving utensils. The breakfast will take place in the Kindy A eating area and kids will be welcome to play inside or outside (in that area) during that time.

Thursday 1st March – Full moon ceremony

Early Years will be celebrating the full moon at the temple near the spring and so we ask that the children come to school  in their ceremony clothes and have clothes to change into afterwards. 

Friday 9th March – Save the date!!!! Parent conferences 

Parent conferences are on this day – we will talk to you more about this day nearer the time.

Thank you for reading this long list and if you have any questions please ask us.


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