Anjing Kintamani – Term 3 Week 9 – SLC Magic and more!

Dear Everyone!

A mystery guest is always welcome and appreciated in our class. They all bring their own spin of fun into our already busy and packed class schedule. So early Monday morning we took the children for a mystery walk, to do a mystery activity. They were all very surprised when they found out that the mystery walk actually went into the school’s main kitchen, to mysteriously ‘steal’ palm sugar, coconut milk and a mysterious ingredient that was wobbly, jelly like and green. Hmm….. We walked back to the class, have a little quiz to guess who our mystery guest was. When she arrived the children were happy to know that their guess was correct. This week Ibu Kadek – Green School’s head chef herself was in charge in our cooking class! Not only did she bring her expertise in making “Daluman’ –a traditional, refreshing, super natural green drink Ibu Kadek brought daluman leaves, she said those leaves were very special kind of daluman leaves called daun daluman kebo literally translated as buffalos daluman leaves. She also brought pure spring water with her!

The process of making daluman was probably hard to believe. Ibu Kadek poured the spring water into a gigantic mixing bowl, added the leaves and then, along with the children they squeezed the life out of the leaves, hard! When the water had turned green, they strained it and watched the magic happened. The water slowly turned into a mysterious something that was wobbly, jelly like and green that was daluman just like the stuff that they had found in the kitchen. It wowed them! Ibu Kadek then helped the children to put the daluman, coconut milk, ice and pakm sugar into the glass. Together we enjoyed this super slimy concoction. Thanks Ibu Kadek! You are welcome to rock our cooking class anytime.

We had a blast when we listened to our feet talking to us and tried to interpret it into our human language. The children walked barefoot around our playground on different surfaces, on flat, cold bricks, on rough, rocky surfaces, on a leafy, crunchy zones, on a sandy spots. The children came up with many interesting words to describe the feeling that was on their feet, Words such as, tickly, crispy, gross, bouncy, sticky, rocky-ey came out, Try this activity with your child at home, Mindfulness couldn’t be more gooey.

Our Specialists, Ibu Ruslee in Yoga, Pak Brett in Music and Green Studies, Pak Duncan in Bambajam, Pak Garret in PE were with the children this week. They excited the children with well prepared activities needing them to work both as an individual and as part of a team. By the time you read this, dear parents, you’ll have had a taste of a fraction of their activities with the specialists as your child will have shown you a little of what they do during SLC time

This week we had adjusted our lessons into SLC preparation and practise as well as Ogoh Ogoh building. The water cycle in Thematics, number and measuring for Maths and sounds in Literacy  were all on display around the classroom for them to look at, and learn from each other. This Thursday was even more special where we put EVERYTHING in display to welcome our adoptive parents, Grade 4B.  The children were thrilled. It was a very eventful special occasion both classes decided that we will work with each other again after this them break.

Next Thursday morning is our Nyepi celebration here at Green School and our colourful Ogoh Ogoh parade.

We want to invite you to share all of this with us right from the start of the day. We need your help, cheering , chanting and carrying our Ogoh Ogoh which seems to have got heavier!!!!! 

We will meet in our classroom then at 9:00 go to Assembly followed by the parade at 9.30 – 11.00. We will be part of the parade from the school entrance to the cross roads and back and back again. So you can see why we need your participation, help carrying our water supply to keep us hydrated and of course your team support! Don’t forget your cameras and your noisy, Ogoh Ogoh energy!

Here is our class chant if you want to get some pracitse in before the big day.

Someone shouts : Yok kita gotong ogoh- ogoh (lets carry our ogoh- ogoh)

Everybody replies : yoookk (lets)

Someone shouts : Yok kita gotong ogoh- ogoh (lets carry our ogoh- ogoh)

Everybody replies : yoookk (lets)

Together : Rainbow fish is our Ogoh- Ogoh, yok kita ajak jalan-jalan (Lets take it for a walk)

It was lovely to see the children sharing all their learning with you today. We hope you enjoyed the mini glimpse into our world each week.  Here is one of the highlight’s of our day to add to all the amazing achievements of your children. Thank you Haruna’s grandmother for showing us how Bambajam should be done!

Next week is a 4 day week as Friday is a National holiday and the start of our inter-term 2 week break for Nyepi.

Have a great weekend,

The Anjing Kintamani Team.

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