Anjing Kintamani – Term 4 week 8 – Our final Indonesian assembly and lunch with Grade 1

What a fabulous week!  After all our hard work and final decoration preparation using things we found in Kembali everyone was very excited when the big day was finally here.

Thank you so much for sharing our Indonesian assembly with us. Here are a selection of the photos that were taken and we think they capture the enjoyment the children had as they shared their singing and dancing with you.  There are more in our shared drive if the photo you want isn’t here. 🙂

Thursday was another special and exciting day as we went to Grade one for our final visit of the year. This time we shared stories with our grade 1 buddies and Ibu Amanda read us a funny book about moving to Grade 1.  We took part in a scavenger hunt all around the school before the thing most of us have been waiting a very long time for – LUNCH IN THE HEART OF SCHOOL!!!!!  We had our own cards to scan, selected what we wanted to eat ( with a little guidance from our teachers who said we needed to choose at least 3 different things) and then ate with our buddies before heading for the Moving Parts playground.

Green studies saw us Gorilla Gardening – we can’t wait to see people’s faces when there are surprise plants that at appear next year! We also hunted down  edible purple flowers and used to make coloured water and we thought about how it could be used to die material and be used to write with as well.

In Maths the teachers acted out maths stories and the children wrote the sums to find the answers. In Literacy we thought about words that start with ch or sh as they can easily be muddled up don’t you know!

Pak Brett brought a mystery guest to Music called Ibu Ana Luiza from Brazil. She had a special drum with her and we had a lot of fun making rhythms and music together.

We liked her so much that she came and visited us again and this time showed us how to use a ball in a way we had never thought of before!

Don’t forget that there is  No school Tuesday,   Wednesday and Friday next week.

Here are the latest dates:

Thursday 7th June  Mud pit Madness afternoon

Friday 8th June Final date for returning class reader and book bag.

Friday 8th June Green camp 8.00 am drop off – 3.15 pm pick up, both from class as usual.  

A new addition Monday 11th  June Early Years Field Day 10.30 – 12.00 with Pak Garrett. Please can the children come with their PE shoes and a hat.

Wednesday 13th June at 9:00 am for the Kindergarten Graduation. 

Thursday 14th June – Final day of the school year!  10.30 assembly 11.00 Early finish.

Have a restful weekend,

The Anjing Kintamani Team


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