Anjing Kintamani – Week 4 fun!

What an amazing week we have had here in Anjing Kintamani!

Mud, mud glorious mud!  We began the week by examining, exploring and playing in mud. We considered how it felt when the  soil was dry and how it changed  as we added water and made mud. We noticed the different textures as it oozed through our fingers and toes and how the mud pit mud was smoother than the coarse grains of the areas under the pirate ship. Some of us loved the slippery, sticky, sloppy mud and others preferred making mud pies and hearts and getting a little less dirty.

Our enjoyment of  mud developed as we learnt that we were going to be able to design and maybe even have built our very own mud kitchen here in Early Years. We thought about all the things we would like to have in our mud kitchen and shared our ideas with our friends using talking chips before designing our dream kitchens in teams.

As well as thinking about kitchens we made our own special fruit soup called Sup Buah, which is a very popular snack from Bandung in West Java. We learnt the Indonesian names for klengkeng (longan), rambutan, nangka (jackfruit), strawberry which we put in the soup as well as mangga (mango), pisang (banana), semangka (watermelon), melon, apel (apple), pepaya (papaya). The children, peeled, de-seeded and sliced the fruit and then we added air kelapa (coconut water), condensed milk and jeruk nipis (lime) to taste. It was delicious!  We were able to practice our Bahasa Indonesian of likes and dislikes.  Saya suka…….   Saya tidak suka……..    Great job everyone!

In Literacy we have continued listening to, playing and making sounds. We are tuning in our ears thinking about rhythms and the patterns in sounds as well as the speed or volume we can sing and play our instruments. The children have also been learning about patterns in Maths as well as playing number games with the numbers 1 – 25. We had a human counter and  rolled dice to progress in our team game of chance and numbers. We had to work together to add our scores up. We also learnt about the number 3 though a song.  We keep developing our maths and literacy skills thoughout the week in some of our choosing activities and play.

Anjing Kintamani start every Wednesday with our Weather Massage. We always check we have clean hands and ask permission of our friends before we begin. Here is a photo of us enjoying the gentle touch of our friends. It is a really relaxing way to start our day.

Ibu Pipit read us folk story called Hua Lua Poo and talked about the island of Papua. The story was all about some beautiful birds who helped a lonely child. We found it on our map of Indonesia

On Wednesday we were really pleased to be able to enjoy the Drum Circle with other members of the Green School Community. What a special event to be able to take part in and send all our drumming energy and love around the world.

Next Wednesday we have our first Potluck Breakfast of the year. All of Early Years are invited to join together with their families for a shared breakfast. It will take place from 8.15 – 9.30 and it would be great if you could come along and bring something to add to a communal breakfast feast.

Have a great long weekend.

The Anjing Kintamai Team

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