Anjing Kintamani week 7

Our week began with a burst of music and dancing as the amazing musicians Pak Rizal and Pak Reza joined Early Years to celebrate World Bamboo Day. We sang, congaed and clapped to the musical beat of the Bamboo instruments and vocals.

We had the Geckos come and join us as part of Teman Teman and do choosing art.  We made a communal art piece, coconut button and pebble designs as well as contemporary sculptures with the K’nex.  We took a democratic vote whether to add black spatters, hearing views and reasons both for and against adding this final touch. Can you guess which one one?

Happy Birthday Marie!

Cupcakes, flower designs and of course the happy birthday song all went towards celebrating Marie’s 6th birthday. Between us we sang the birthday song in 6 different languages!

Marie’s family gave her beautiful flowers and some of us turned them into amazing flower designs.  Here is a selection of the girls beautiful work.

In yoga this week we worked with a partner to try different poses in pairs. First the grown ups modelled and we had to watch very carefully and listen to the instructions before trying them ourselves. It was a challenge doing the poses slowly, following the steps and holding each stretch. We had to listen to what our partners told us so we didn’t pull to hard and hurt them and work together to keep balance. 

In Literacy are not thinking about the capital letter names at the moment (ABCD) but instead thinking about the lowercase letter sounds (abcd) as these will help us as we start to learn to read.    

                     For example: a = apple / ant / animal and not Ape / Angel / Alien

Our literacy sounds this week are p and t. Have a look at our sound table and see if you can think of anything together that should be on there that we have missed.

Anjing Kintamani were super excited to be invited by some high school students to visit some story trails they had created. We split into 3 groups and each group had a chance to hear and experience a different story: Jackie and the Beanstalk, Thumbelina and Teman Mas about a giant cucumber. Some of the groups even saw fairy beds that the High School students had left for our magical friends.

In Bambajam we had to work as a team to follow the conductor and play as a group when it was our turn. This helped us get ready to play ‘The lion sleeps tonight’ with Pak Duncan. We were learning to beat in 4 equal beats for each turn and this made the rhythm of the song.

In our thematic ‘The Foodie in Me’, found out about the Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. He used to paint portrait pictures using fruit and vegetables to represent the features. We had a go at our own fruit faces. First we had a think of our own ideas, creating individual mini designs. Next we shared our ideas with our teams, pooling our thoughts to come up with our master design together. To prepare our background for our designs we printed the skin for the faces using potatoes, apples and pears as stamps. The next day we started to bring our sketches to life by creating the fruit and vegetables for our portraits. We hope you like what we chose?

Thank you everyone who has replied about times for our parent teacher conferences next Friday.  If you haven’t had a chance to do so yet please can you send us an email over the weekend as we would like to let everyone know their time slots as soon as we can. If there is a reason you are unsure yet, please also let us know so we can make separate arrangements with you if needed.

Finally, Indi was so excited to share the news of her baby sister with the class. Welcome to the world little one and congratulations to the whole Leggett family!

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Anjing Kintamani Team


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