Anjing KintamaniWeek 5 term 3

Our fabulous water thematic came to a close this week but not before we created water prints,  worked on out giant water cycle  and had a soggy splash-filled water play session. We measured, poured, mixed colours, splashed and soaked ourselves in a beautiful celebration of the giver of life.

Neve shared her huge, home grown cucumbers with us and that led to all sorts of questions not only about how she grew such whoppers from seed but also what a cucumber contained. We counted out 100 buttons and estimated at how much water was inside a cucumber and what that looked like as a part of 100. Next, we estimated which had a higher water content melons or cucumbers? Everyone ate a piece of melon and a slice of cucumber and considering their juiciness, then we voted to see who thought which one had the most water.  4 children thought the melon, 9 Neve’s cucumber and 1 person really wasn’t sure and didn’t vote. We then discovered that cucumbers are 96% water which is one of the highest amounts that any fruit or vegetable has!!!! Everyone was surprised at the different numbers in their favourite fruit and veg and that we can eat water as well as drink it.  This led onto ask how much water we contain? We found out that babies have the most water and adult me the least, we thought hard about the reasons why that might be


As well as playing games to practise our camera words  and letters in Literacy, we have been thinking of things that start with the letters j and v. We worked as a team and used our bodies to create different words which really made us think about how a word was spelt as well as the way each letter really looks. We have sorted pictures as well as drawing some of our own to help us remember the difference between these two letters.  Our camera word this week is of . It looks like it should end in a f sound but it tricks us and we need to use a v instead!!!!

We have been measuring mad in maths this week! Exploring the length of things and thinking about shorter and the shortest as well as longer and longest. First we used blocks to see how many it took to measure something in our classroom and then we used rulers to see how long things were in centimetres.

Cooking was another delicious porridge this week with  bubur sumsum. Everyone was amazed at how much green water or sap we got out the suji leaves we picked up near Kindy Buaya’s classroom which gave our porridge it’s special colour and flavour.

Pak Duncan had us reading the notes for BINGO in a different way in Bambajam. This time, they were on 5 lines and the higher up the note was on the the lines the higher the note the instrument made and the ones at the bottom, you guessed it, they were the low notes. We saw how the rest beat was properly drawn in a piece of music and everyone got to play every different colour bamabjam instrument, or note, as we rotated around taking a turn at playing each part.

Green Studies was really exciting this week,. Using jars from Kembali we collected water from all around Green School and examined it through microscopes. The surprise and excitement of what was living in our water was fabulous and we drew what we saw to help us share what was in their with our friends. Although they are not what we wanted to see we did spot some mosquito larvae which reminded us of the work we did before on the life cycle of the mosquito. Next week we are going to have a mystery guest to tell us even more about mosquitoes too! Actually we have 3 mystery guests next week – HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!

Don’t forget that next week is a 4 day week and that we have our Early Years Potluck Breakfast on Thursday and V day events on Wednesday. Check the posters around school for more details of what is happening when Wednesday and feel free to dress in red, pink or black to join in with the love and colour of the day.

Have a happy weekend,

The Anjing Kintamani Team

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