Another Awesome Week in the MS

Hi MS Community

Here are some of the cool things that happened in our classes last week.

Our Parent Teacher conferences were a great success:

25 Grade 6 students spent Tuesday morning PE class building comfort and confidence on the Sepeda Bali mountain bikes in preparation for next weeks Middle School Camp “Challenge” Week.

We had another sessions of parent workshops this week; Pak Scot: Sustainable Farming in the Future –

Ibu Natalie: Fugitive (on the run from Interpol).

Pak Tony: The ‘I’ of the iPod and the iPhone –

Ibu Carli: Your Body is a Miracle –

Pak Nikolas: A different perspective of growing up – how my view of the world changed after a year in a Ukraine orphanage.

Ibu Janet: Working to Protect the Environment –

Our LSP students had a session to reflect on Block 1:

… and did you know, most days of the week our LSP students stay after school to help with KKC classes:

The LEAP Jr Crew got off to a great start with team building activities, including making a beautiful found alphabet. Here is our LEAP Junior name designed, editing and created by 100% MS power.

For the past two weeks the grade 8b class has been working on their final projects for our first Social Justice Unit focused on poverty. Students were tasked with curating an assortment of articles, videos, and images that highlights one of the many causes that lead people around the world into poverty. They amalgamated their “artifacts” for presentations on a ThingLink map of the world. This is a link to one of the final projects Here is a picture of Matthew presenting his artifacts on the connection of forced refugeedom and poverty.

Our MS students have been using the old Mepantigan mud-pit as a ‘break-out’ classroom:

Our Outdoor Ed Leadership class in the Physical Electives played team-building games for one of their sessions – here’s a photo where the ‘ground is lava’.

We hope you had a great week (one more week of Term 1 to go) – we are definitely having a fun learning time in the MS.

From the MS Team


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