Another busy and exciting week in 2A

All I can say is SLIME!!!

Who knew what a successful business slime could make? The whole class collaborated so well on the slime making project getting involved in everything from coming up with the idea in the first place, to packaging, marketing and advertising. Of course the most fun part was making it! The children made all sorts of daring colour combinations and added glitter to make the product even more impressive. Amazingly, the children raised over 2 million rupiah for charity and sold every last bottle!

In other news, the class enjoyed learning a song in sign language in their Thematics and did role plays all about different land and water forms.

In Maths children continued working on their addition and subtraction strategies through games and mental maths challenges.

In Bahasa children discussed animal habitats and learnt words that described where they live and what they eat.

Home Learning: Thematics – Children have been challenged to find out about one famous landform and one famous water form from their home country. They should write one (or two) sentence(s) and draw a picture for each fact.

Sampah Sorting Challenge: Please encourage your children to bring one piece of rubbish in per day.

Reading books: Please encourage your children to read regularly with you or to themselves. They should be going home every week with a free reader of their choice, one levelled reader of their choice, and one levelled reader chosen by the class teachers. Book bags should come to school everyday and books will be changed every Friday afternoon. Thanks for your help with this. ALL LIBRARY BOOKS NEED TO BE RETURNED THIS FRIDAY AS NO MORE BOOKS WILL BE LENT THIS SEMESTER.

Two more weeks left of the semester so lets make them count 🙂

The 2A Team x


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