ASA update this week is here!

Getting Creative at KemBali!

At KemBali Creations we let ourselves be taken away by our imaginations! We design, build, create and have lots of fun using the materials that we can find and collect in KemBali. We have built recycled name signs, tall towers, super strong bridges and lots more. This week we all got to use our individuality and come up with our own creations. We made miniature Ogoh-Ogoh, an amazing plane with a spinning propeller, a floating boat-car, a pair of telephone binoculars and a rocket ship! What great fun!


It has been such a pleasure to see a multiage emerging Afro Fusion dance troop with MS and HS students, Indonesian interns, and parents. Do not be surprised if a bunch of energetic dancers emerge at some point doing a very energetic dance that will make you want to join in!

Origami Art and Craft

Frogs on the lilypad

Penguin making

Lilypad making

Butterfly making

Our Origami Club is having so much fun on making many different types of arts and crafts. The students of grades 2-4 are really enjoying the activity and each of them has their turn to teach us making something with origami and then it continues with the agenda from the teacher to make another origami craft. At the end of each session, the students can bring their origami work home to show and tell to their family. We have made various stuff such as butterflies in many different styles, pigs, heart box, penguin, people and lilypad. More creative and imaginative origami craft will be continued until the end of this term 3. It is a very wonderful time to spend with the students.


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