ASAs Happening on Campus in TERM 2!

A lot of After School Activities are happening on our campus in Term 2 where our students have the opportunity to express their self in sport, art and science, etc. A collective and collaborative work also part of the experience for the students where we gain a collaboration with Greenpeace for a campaign as a means to raise awareness regarding air quality during after school time.

On November 23rd we held an exhibition at the school showcasing Green Generation findings of the coal-fired power plant of Celukan Bawang. But that was not all. Titled “Rise for Climate”, the event was held in two different spots in the school. The afternoon was started with Haunted Air; the art installation in the Heart of School. Parents created a short video for the event. We displayed Kul Kul Connection student’s art sculpture of a burn pile along with Greenpeace visual mapping.

It was followed by a dinner supported by the parents and High School Green Generation’s performance of what they are bringing to Poland. The silent auction of Green Gen photographs of their trip up to the plant went to help high school Green Gen’s COP trip cost. It was wonderful to have seen all of these entities working together for better air in Bali.

We still have some sessions that our last session of ASAs during TERM 2 will be on Friday, 14th December 2018. For more details, please refer to our ASAs Calendar in TERM 2 HERE.

Check out also our snap shot of ASAs in TERM 2

For any question related with After School Activities (ASAs) please contact Ibu Darwi at:

Matur Suksema

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