ASAs update – August 30, 2018

What a busy and exciting weeks of ASAs in this term with a lot of things happening at our Campus on After School time in the last two weeks.

Here is a nice snapshot of ASA this week.

More information of our ASA SCHEDULE for TERM 1 can be found HERE

We are calling more students, parents and our community to participate also as there are some spots are still available for those who are interested in the following activities:

  1. Bali Circus for 6-12 years old students every Tuesday at Sangkep

  2. BREAKDANCE ( Beginner group) for Grade 2-4 Every Tuesday at Drama Room

  3. WUSHU & SIlat Bali for PY, MS & HS students every Tuesday at Sangkep field

  4. SALSA CLUB for MS, HS & Parents every Tuesday at the Primary art room

  5. CAPOEIRA for PY, MS & HS students every Wednesday at HOS 1st floor

  6. Creative Writing Group for Grade 11 & 12 every Wednesday at HOS 3rd floor

  7. Bahasa BALI club every Wednesday for all ages at HOS

  8. Storytelling every Wednesday for EY, Grade 1 & 2 at Starling Classroom

  9. Yoga Nidra for MS & HS every Wednesday at Yoga Studio

  10. Balinese Gamelan, Gender Wayang & Jegog for All Ages everyThursday at the Music room

  11. BREAKDANCE ( Advance Group) for Grade 5, MS & HS Every Thursday at Drama Room

  12. Taekwondo, Judo, Archery for PY, MD & HS everyThursday at Sangkep Field

  13. TANGO Club for Ms, HS & Parents everyThursday at KINDY B Classroom

  14. Sanggar Tari & Musik Bali by Sanggar Cita Bumi Green School for all ages everyFriday at the Music room

Simply just come to each venue to meet the teachers and sign-up directly to them on the day of activity that will be conducted from 3:30-4:30pm. They will be very happy to assist you and will try to arrange the best possible space. Confirmation to join is based on first come first serve and subject to availability upon sign-up.

Be part of our ASAs this TERM and learn new skills to improve self-confidence by finding programs that will support your needs and interests.

If you have any question regarding ASAs please contact


Terima Kasih & Thank you

Best Regards,

Darwi (Sri Darwiati)

School Secretary & ASA Coordinator

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