At Our Core

When you buy a plant at a store, there is often a little tag on that tells you its name, how big it will grow, and how much water and sunlight is requires.  Nursery centre professionals put a lot of thought and pride in creating these plant labels because they want them to flourish, grow, and bring happiness to their customer.

Our children are also growing, flourishing, full of life and potential.  But they don’t come with labels, nor do we want them to, that tell us how to maximize their growth.  So we work together as a learning community to discover what they need to grow and flourish.  Our school is the perfect nursery.

Bringing along the plant analogy, perhaps a bit too far, our children are connected to nature, to their local community, and to each other as part of a system; this is the unique Green School recipe.  What does this recipe produce?

At the very core, a Green School student…

Is joyful and passionate. 

Our students are creative and not afraid to physically, verbally, or artistically express their thoughts and feelings and can often put words around both of those things that are mind blowing for any person let alone in one so young. They are reflective people with individual personalities and passions.  They see their own self reflected in others and that reflection gives them self-awareness and understanding because that reflection is “still” – it is not tempered glass with judgment or self reservations or needs of others.

Acts with kindness, thoughtfulness and empathy

As well rounded children, who feel their place in the bigger picture of the world.  Knowing their place allows them to feel more empowered than most children, evidenced by the actual projects they engage in.  Their empowerment allows them to be inquisitive and respectful activists.  When someone whether famous or not comes to speak to a group of Green School students, they rarely get through a talk without hands shooting up to ask questions. There is no shyness, no reservation about saying or asking the wrong thing. Our students are a humble but powerful force, always ready to question reality and challenge norms.

Makes a difference

As team players with a community focus, our students inspire and bring people along like our Bye Bye Plastic Bag dynamic duo Isabel and Melati Wijsen, our Bio Bus learning programme team, and our students going to Paris to become a part of the international movement (COP21) to address anthropogenic climate change.  With them, goes our community too, as they represent us.  With their individual passions, comes a deep understanding that individual hard work is important but achievement and change is made through teamwork and community collaboration. They have a deep connection to the local community and self, a powerful foundation for future ability to make change and understand – local to global is not just a phrase, they live it.

These traits make up our student and community profile. We have named this our student AND COMMUNITY profile because we all aspire to embrace these attributes. It is a pleasure watering and nurturing our “outdoor plants” together.

Ibu Leslie Head of Academics

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