Awareness – the Art of Being Mindful

‘Are you really going to shave your head at assembly Ibu Libby?’

‘Yes, I sure am.’


A truly wonderful conversation followed between myself and several Grade 3 students during lunchtime last Friday.  We discussed palm oil plantations, the destruction of rain-forest habitats, orang-utans, monkeys, palm oil products and ‘was it ok to just buy a container of palm oil’?… a truly rich conversation with great questions and discussion followed.

I realised I had already started ‘Raising Awareness’ of the burning of Indonesian rain-forests and supporting the initiative ‘Hair for Haze ’.  This wasn’t about raising money, by simply dropping $$ into an envelope, but spreading the message, talking about the destruction of rain-forests to plant palm plantations for the production of palm oil.   

“Awareness. Without awareness we keep doing what we are doing; without awareness we keep living the same way we are living. Without awareness we keep the same life patterns, routines, and people in our lives. Because once we are aware of something, we can no longer pretend or make the choices we are making in honesty.”

Hope Zvara, “Why Awareness is a Funny Thing…’, Mind Body Green

Our next Primary Thematic is collectively looking at trash.  A month comprised of raising awareness about the waste we produce and practices we choose to manage it. We’re looking at waste (personal, family and community) and asking what do we do with it.  What can be recycled? And what happens to everything that isn’t recyclable?  What are all these products and what are we going to do about it.  

Students will be bringing in their household waste, sorting it into recyclable and non-recyclable and then visiting local dump sites and waste management facilities to witness for themselves the vast amount of trash resulting from the products we consume and use daily.  We’ll be looking for answers, asking how can we reduce all this and finding solutions.

This world needs love and care.  

With a little more care and loving kindness this world would change dramatically in the best possible way.  This planet we live on is a staggeringly beautiful place and worthy of our loving attention.  

Just think of what can be achieved with a little more awareness.

Warmest regards

Ibu Libby

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