B.A.C.A Project (Bina Anak Cinta Aksara)

Did you know? Indonesia is number 62 out of 72 countries with the lowest interest in reading, according to The Programme of International Report.

B.A.C.A is an initiative by four of our Green School Balinese teachers to engage local students in SDN 6 Jehem Bangli to read and improve their literacy. It is a sustainable project that aims is to increase their interest in the literacy of local children. It takes 6 months to do this project started in April with mentoring, supervision and evaluation.

What BACA will do: In the next six months, the teachers will work directly with the students in Bangli to improve their literacy through training them and providing workshops to their parents.

We need your support: we welcome support in form of children books, shelves, or monetary donations that will go towards building a small, comfortable library for the students of a school called SDN 6 Jehem Bangli and to run frequent educational sessions.

To support or get involved in this project, please contact Ibu Chandra (chandra@greenschool.org) and Ibu Pandan (pandan.sari@greenschool.org)


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