Bali Bird Park

Good evening. We hope all of the children are having a good night’s rest after our fun-filled day at Bali Bird Park. It was our first time attempting a full day field trip and it was definitely a success. The Starlings asked if we could sleep over there and also if we could come back tomorrow! We were able to watch two entertaining and educational bird shows and several of our students volunteered to be in the show. We saw owls, pelicans, flamingoes, eagles, and countless other species of birds. One of the highlights was observing the komodo dragon. In true Green School fashion, the children found hills to roll down, rocks to climb, imaginative games to play as well as running through sprinklers to cool down. The children also wanted to visit the Reptile Park and loved seeing all of the snakes, crocodiles, tortoises, frogs and lizards. We cooled off in the movie theatre and enjoyed two 4D shows.

This week, we continued learning about “Values” for our thematic unit with a focus on respect. Children talked about kind things they can do with their hands and created drawings as well as paintings to portray their ideas. We also discussed how we can speak respectfully as well as be respectful by fully listening when someone else is talking. We talked about how we respect ourselves, others and Mother Earth. Pak Kadek visited us again to help with the design and construction of our class Ogoh-ogoh. Ayla was the Mystery Guest and read, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.

Next Friday, March 17, is Parent Teacher Conferences. School will be closed but your child is welcome to attend the conference with you or to play outside with Ibu Komang and Ibu Pegy during our meeting. The following Friday, March 24, is our Ogoh-ogoh festival as well as early dismissal (12:00 pm). Our mid-semester break will occur after that and school will be closed for two weeks. Have a lovely weekend and see you soon.

Warm wishes,

The Starling Team

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