Bali Sharks, Caves with Snakes, and a plain old regular class on Fear

So, the Bali Sharks crew has been working hard at learning more about shark conservation. After the Jimbaran fish market debacle and the neat experience of swimming with sharks, we are getting ready to do some rescues. Here are pics for the unbelievers:

As for the Jungle Runners… we had to abort on our big cave exploration after a bright green snake was found dangling in front of the cave entrance. Actually, that was only a temporary detractor, and soon we were back in the cave looking around. 6m in, we found a snake skin and that was enough to put the brakes on the operation. All in a day’s exploration!

Finally, Systems thinking is going great, with the last week discussing the concept of fear along with Panama Papers. If you have no idea what I am talking about, then check out the class and stop a student to ask what the Systems Thinking Class is all about. It is radder than can be explained in a sentence!

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