Bambajam Nominated As the Best Music Education Product

Bambajam has been shortlisted for the Best Music Education Product at the 2016 Music Teachers Awards for Excellence. This is the UK’s most prestigious music education award known as “The Oscars of the Music Education World”, so to be through to the the finals is a huge recognition. Bambajam was created by Pak Duncan who teaches the programme at Green School.

It combines a beautifully designed, sustainable and multi-functional bamboo musical instrument with an accompanying methodology developed specifically for education. Duncan’s inspiration for Bambajam stems from his belief that music education is more important now than ever before

“Music is the one truly collaborative subject we teach at schools today and collaborative solutions is what the world needs right now. Students have access to information. They need to be able to apply this knowledge to solving problems. Creating a piece of music together develops all these skills: leadership, creativity, problem solving, teamwork, in fact every skill you can think of.”- Pak Duncan.

The instruments are all handmade from bamboo. The most striking feature is that each key can be removed from the xylophone frame and played as a single instrument, meaning classrooms have all the resources they need in one instrument.

Being through to the finals not only puts Bambajam in the spotlight but also Green School Education. 

Lean more about Bambajam:

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