Bamboo Anatomy – Carbon Zero Update

Learning more about bamboo includes to understand the anatomical properties of bamboo itself.

In this last week, our Highschool students did experiments with our lovely Betung Bamboo. We cut and prepared top, middle and bottom samples to conduct Maceration and Microtome test.

The aim of the maceration test is to get the microfiber of bamboo by measuring the diameter and length. The microtome is to see how the bamboo work inside by slice the cross-section of the bamboo pores. On the picture above, we can see Xylem, Phloem & Parenchyma of the bamboo. Xylem and Phloem are part of the circulation system in vascular plants. Plants need to transport food, water, and minerals around so they can stay alive. The parts that connect the top and bottom sections of plants are the xylem and phloem. Parenchyma cells are alive at maturity. They function in storage, photosynthesis, and as the bulk of ground and vascular tissues.

Since the Carbon Zero launched, so far we have collected 8 Tonnes of CO2e through our mitigation efforts as a community of learners making our world sustainable.

Stay Tune for upcoming updates, & in the meantime Mitigating Your Carbon!


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