BambooPalooza Countdown! Grab Your Passport!

Welcome aboard on Bamboo Airlines. On behalf of captains and crew, we are happy to announce the pre-boarding service for around the world flight BZA2017 departing one week from today right here on the Green School Soccer Field. There are 15 destinations to visit making up 28 countries in all.

Are you ready to travel to 15 destinations and visit up to 28 countries in one day?

Passports will be available for purchase all next week starting Monday, October 23rd from flight attendants in uniform or at the front desk.

Due to limited seating, passports are available for student passengers only. Families may purchase single passports for 50,000 RPI, a second student passport is 30,000. Third and more are free. Accompanying adults may have opportunities to earn snacks along the way. Non-accompanied adults begging for food will be ushered off the flight and out of the terminal.

After departure, present your passport at each country’s booth to enjoy games, activities and cultural snacks. Make sure to get a stamp from each country!

Weather forecast at your destination is sunny with a chance of gentle showers. In the unlikely event of rain, please make your way safely to the gym or Sangkep. In case of volcanic eruption, this flight may be canceled.

While we wait for taking off, please take a moment to review the in-flight instruction in your passport.

On behalf of Bamboo Airlines, I am happy to announce that this aircraft run on 100% bio-diesel brought to you by the Bio-Bus Multinational Corporation. As a customer, you are important to us and we know you have a choice of airlines. So, we are happy to announce Bamboo Airline’s mileage rewards raffle.

At the end of flight BZA2017, passports will be collected or you can deposit them at the check-in counter. Those passports that are complete, will be entered into a raffle for five top prizes to be given out when all passports are returned at the November 3rd assembly.

All aboard Bamboo Airlines! 


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